How To Know If You Need Call Handling Or A Virtual Assistant

That depends on how busy you are ...


The Office Genie is well known for our call handling service though more and more of our clients are now requesting extending their service with us being their virtual assistants too ...

Whether you need call handling or a virtual assistant, The Office Genie is here to support you!

Whether you need call handling or a virtual assistant, The Office Genie is here to support you!

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But how do you know when you need us to just answer the phones and how do you know when you need us to do more for you? Well, that rather depends, doesn't it?

"Put simply, how busy are you?"

The larger your business is, the more chance you will only need us for call handling. Remember, we can act as an overflow for your calls when you're really busy, or we can be your receptionists, answering all the calls you receive and putting them through to the right people. And when someone is unavailable, we can take a message and email them or send them over to a group email address to be picked up by another team member.

But the smaller your company is, then the busier you're going to be, so doesn't it make sense to delegate some of those vital, regular, and sometimes unliked, business tasks, with us acting as your virtual assistants?

You know what I mean, don't you? Booking travel and accommodation, transcription, bookkeeping, social media and mailshots to name but a few. These are all things that take up your time and stop you from doing what you do best, growing your business!

And don't forget that we can sit somewhere in the middle of all that by not only answering your calls but dealing with enquiries to give callers more details about you, your business and your products and services over the phone. We can book appointments for you and even send out brochures and other marketing materials if you'd like us too.

So what do you need The Office Genie to do for you? Answer overflow calls? Act as your receptionists? Deal with enquiries? Or even be your very own virtual assistants? It's entirely up to you!

"Call Handling or Virtual Assistants?"

Why not give us a call at The Office Genie and let's explore how we can help you? However you need us to support your business, let's identify your needs and move forward from there.

Call us on 01604 529170 or take a look at our call handling and virtual assistant service pages on our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Until next time ...



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