How To Hire Someone To Answer Your Phone

Or you could get us to do it for you ...


It's always important to hire the right person to answer your telephone as they are going to be the voice of the business. But who do you determine is the best for the role?

If you're thinking of hiring someone to answer your phone, maybe The Office Genie could help instead?

If you're thinking of hiring someone to answer your phone, maybe The Office Genie could help instead?

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The first thing you need to define is exactly what the role is. Are they simply sitting at a switchboard fielding calls all day or are they at your reception desk greeting visitors and accepting deliveries? The job description and remuneration package will vary accordingly.

"There's a lot to think about!"

When we're choosing new people to come work with us at The Office Genie, we always conduct a phone interview first. I recommend this approach as you can immediately assess their confidence and overall telephone manner.

Moving on from there, if we had a good phone call, we'll invite them in for a face-to-face. This allows me to see what they're like in person and get some initial feedback from the genies.

If the role you're looking to fill is a receptionist one (so they'll be in the public eye) then being presentable and having a friendly demeanour face-to-face with you will let your gut feeling decide if their application should progress.

I always think it's a good idea to find out what they know about us as well. If they've researched The Office Genie and done a little homework around our blog, website and social media, it shows me that they're really interested and will be more committed rather than just turning up for the paycheck.

If you have a couple of strong candidates for the role, it's worthwhile leaving it a few days to see what your gut feeling says and then maybe invite each of them back for a second interview. I like to ask them to spend a couple of hours with the genies as that usually tells us if they're going to succeed or not.

Once you've offered the role and they've accepted it, remember to give them full training and the time they need to get up to speed. Many of our own systems are very intuitive, so it is possible for new hires to hit the ground running, and we have enough experience in our team to support them with anything complicated once they've had their induction training.

When we hire someone, we always put them on a probationary period so we can all be sure they want to work there and that their performance is good enough for the high-paced call handling environment of The Office Genie.

It’s easy to think of this sort of role as straightforward or simple but remember that were talking about your front-line ambassadors. They’ll likely be largely responsible for your first and ongoing impression people have of your business.

That’s a big responsibility and they can have more impact than you might assume. You haven’t forgotten what they say about first impressions, right?

"So why not get The Office Genie
to do it instead?"

We have years of experience answering the telephone for our customers, and with our added virtual assistant services, we can also take the pressure off you in other areas.

Whether it's answering a single phone line for a solo-entrepreneur or a busy switchboard with multiple extensions, call us on 01604 529170 or click here to ping over an email and let's have a chat and see how The Office Genie can help you.

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