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How Telephone Answering Can Influence Clients

Making them hopelessly devoted to you ...

Posted on: 06/02/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

Telephone answering is the backbone of good customer service, which is the key to keeping your customers. They say that seven out of ten customers will switch suppliers based on bad customer service they receive ...

With the right telephone answering service from The Office Genie you'll find that your customers become hopelessly devoted to you!

With the right telephone answering service from The Office Genie you'll find that your customers become hopelessly devoted to you!

So it seems that the key to keeping loyal customers, who are hopelessly devoted to you is to deliver brilliant customer service. The biggest area of complaint when it comes to customer service is the phone systems and the people themselves. You need to show your customers that you care and the obvious place to tackle this is to improve your telephone answering.

In the recent tricky economic climate, keeping your customers has become crucially important as it is twice as expensive - and you have to work twice as hard - to secure a new customer. What you really want to do is create customers that are hopelessly devoted to you, so that they will forgive you any little problems and mistakes and will wait for you when you are too busy to fit them in right now.

If you are in a business with a quick repeat cycle, such as a hair salon or a domestic cleaning firm, customer loyalty is more than crucial. Not only because you want to encourage them to buy from you as often as possible, but because you are probably positioned very close to the competition.

In those industries, the reasons for choosing a supplier are often difficult to define; customers are loyal to someone they trust and who consistently delivers their needs. And if for any reason they lose their cleaner or hairdresser they lament the loss like Sandy from Grease singing "Hopelessly Devoted To You".

They are also industries that traditionally handle their own telephone answering, often relying on answerphones or having to juggle clients and phone calls. How much easier is it though, to keep your clients happy and loyal, if the person answering the telephone is able to devote their time to that call?

Using a telephone answering service allows you to provide better customer service to your existing clients, as they will feel reassured leaving a message with a person rather than a machine. And because they are not with a client, they can take time over the call and give it their full attention.

When it comes to complaints - which are often the reason that customer service is described as poor - using a telephone answering service allows you to separate yourself from the issue. What you will often find is that your customers will place their initial rant and anger at the person who answered the phone. They can listen, be sympathetic, take all the details down and promise to get you to look into it and call them back.

The telephone answering service will provide you with a more objective understanding of the situation than you would have had from your angry client. Removing all the emotions from the situation allows you to be more objective when you consider how to rectify the situation.

You will also have time to prepare before you ring them back, rather than trying to diffuse the situation and come up with the solution on the fly. The client will also have calmed down, having got it all off their chest in the first call and you are seen to have dealt with the issue promptly and well. Your efforts on their behalf will then be the highlight of the story they share with their friends.

Hopelessly devoted customers will take the knocks on their chin; even when you break their heart, they will happily wait for your solution. The key to getting them is to ensure that from the start of the relationship, they are made to feel special, that you are devoted to them and that their needs are important to you.

Using a telephone answering service allows you to set that in place right from the moment they ring you for the first time.

So if you are looking to build up truly loyal customers, you may want to call us on 01604 529170 and let's talk about our telephone answering service, because we can help you provide fantastic customer service and a raft of loyal customers to keep your business afloat!

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