How Our Call Handling Service Can Help Your Team

We're all busy these days, so let's collaborate ...


In the age of small business, your team and their support network need to be lean and agile. It's the competitive advantage we have over big business. It means we can turn on a penny ...

Our call handling service can help your team to find a competitive advantage!

Our call handling service can help your team to find a competitive advantage!

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I don’t normally like saying 'small' business, and I’m always looking for another term to replace it with. My own business isn’t small at all; it’s exactly the size it’s supposed to be.

"I think it’s like the mugs in Starbucks. The small isn’t really a small at all; the 'medium' is pretty big and the 'large' is just gigantic!"

These days there are twice as many businesses, but about 10% less are employers. That’s because our 'appropriately-sized businesses' are at their best when they collaborate; you probably outsource at least one aspect of your business, such as your yearly tax return to an accountant?

While we’re on the subject, I don’t like the word 'outsourcing' either. It’s just such an impersonal term. I don’t know about you, but I need to know that anyone involved in my business cares about it. It’s actually the main reason why I started The Office Genie as I wanted to work somewhere that was focussed on the people.

But having an appropriately-sized business makes it difficult to have all the skills you need in-house. I focus on doing what we’re experts at really well, and then I let external experts look after the things we're not so good at.

If you or your business is lacking any of these:

  • A trained customer-service team

  • A solution to the overflow phone call problem

  • Properly implemented processes

  • Invoice management

  • Hours in the day

  • A feeling of control

We’d love to talk to you about becoming part of your team.

There's a lot you can outsource to us. We offer an award-winning 5-star call handling service so you and your team will never miss a call. Our virtual assistant services cover everything from making travel arrangements to dealing with your enquiries and sending out further information.

"So maybe a better word for outsourcing would be collaboration?"

Collaboration means that two businesses are working together and build trust through long-term relationships. That's how we like to do it here at The Office Genie, so why not call us on 01604 529170 and let's talk.

Until next time ...



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