How Much Does Call Handling Cost?

Are you seeing the bigger picture?


When you think about the price of call handling, you'll immediately mull over the regular monthly outgoing and wonder if you can afford it. I believe you need to think about the potential loss of income instead ...

Whatever your business, our call handling service ensures every call gets answered!

Whatever your business, our call handling service ensures every call gets answered!

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It's a very simple question: how much can not having a call handling service cost you in loss of income? It's a simple answer too: it's how much a single customer is worth to you in total.

"You really do have to think about the bigger picture!"

So imagine the phone just rang, and you couldn't pick it up because you were with another customer, were driving or in a location with a bad mobile signal. Also, imagine you knew 100% that it was a new customer.

How much were they about to spend with you? How often were they going to pay that amount? And for how long? If that new customer was going to spend £10 with you, and a further £10 once a month for the next two years, then they bring £250 into your business.

You've potentially lost that revenue because there are other people out there who do what you do and your competitors answered the phone whereas you didn't. They may call back, but there's a very good chance they won't.

"Any time you miss a call it could result in you losing a customer!"

As a real world example, one of our clients is a beauty salon; you should be able to see similarities for your own business here. This salon is fully staffed, and their phone calls only come to us if they don't answer within a few rings. We're taking an average of 10 calls a day for them right now as this is their quiet season.

But let's be generous and say that without our call handling service, they would abandon what they were doing with their customer, run to get to the phone and miss just one call a day. That's still seven in a single week.

It's reasonable to suggest that missing seven calls could lead to missing out on a new customer. If the customer wanted their least expensive service (waxing) at £10 each time and there are 6 to 10 weeks between waxes, then at 6 waxes a year the salon has just lost £60.

I've been going to my salon for over 10 years, but let's say that the average is 2 years, so now the salon has lost £120 income. And that's just by losing one customer.

If they lose 52 customers a year that's £6,240 not coming into the business. Now the numbers are adding up, aren't they?

Admittedly, I've made some pretty generous assumptions there, so it isn't crazy to suggest a salon missing just one phone call a day could be throwing away tens of thousands of pounds a year. And we're not even including the cost of acquiring the customer in the first place!

"Are you starting to see the big picture?"

If you do, and would like The Office Genie to sprinkle some magic into your business world by answering all those calls you may potentially miss, phone us on 01604 529170 and let's see how we can help you.

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