How Many Hours A Day Do You Spend Sitting Down?

How to keep fit and active at work ...


A recent study into the health of British office workers has revealed some highly interesting statistics. The research carried out by Plantronics has unearthed the truth about how much time we spend sitting at our desks following a survey completed by 2,000 office workers ...

If you spend most of your day sitting down at your desk, you could be doing yourself a lot of harm!

If you spend most of your day sitting down at your desk, you could be doing yourself a lot of harm!

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The results indicated that 3 out of 4 office workers only leave their desks to make a drink or visit the toilet – meaning some workers spend up to 4 hours at their desk without moving.

"Interestingly, 2 in 5 of those surveyed also admitted to eating their lunch at their desk!"

Another 3rd of those surveyed claimed that they partake in less than one hour of exercise per week. Common complaints amongst the workers were that they believe spending so much time at their desks is having a detrimental effect on both their physical and mental health and a significant percentage of them claimed to suffer from back and neck aches.

Many of those who were surveyed felt that they are unable to step away from their desks because they are too busy and they cannot leave the phone unattended.

Working here at The Office Genie inevitably means that we spend the majority of our days at our desks, and we definitely can't leave the phones unattended! However, we do follow a few simple rules to make sure that we aren't sat down for too long and damaging our health!

First and foremost, it's important to make sure your chair is at the correct height so that it provides support for your body throughout the day, reducing strain on your neck and back. Sitting with your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest promotes good posture and relieves pressure on your spine.

Eating lunch away from your desk allows you to switch off from the day's business activities, if only for a short time. Business owners are known for being the worst culprits for lunching at their desks – moving to a spot away from the operations of the company can give you time to refocus.

Walking whilst at work can drastically improve your health, even if just for a few minutes. Why not walk over and talk face to face with your colleague instead of sending them an email? Taking a stroll around the office every couple of hours gives you a chance to stretch your legs and look at something other than your computer screen!

"There are also a number of 'deskercises' that can be done to increase your heart rate and get you moving!"

One of our favourites is the good old fashioned wall sit – simply sitting against the wall for a minute or two at a time builds strength and endurance and can be done while reading the latest articles or blog post.

If you're not afraid of being called a little loopy and don't mind embarrassing yourself then breaking out in spontaneous dance is said to release stress and give you a wave of creativity. If you've been struggling to write that new piece of marketing for more than an hour then perhaps this is the one for you!

The Stapler Curl is great for getting those Biceps bulging! Whilst you're on the phone, grab your stapler with your palm facing upwards and do a bicep curl, just like you would with a dumbbell.

"You'll be stronger in no time!"

There are millions of ways we can get fitter, healthier and stronger whilst at work and as times move on, the more and more popular standing desks and work on the move are becoming. Don't be afraid to be a bit crazy if it can improve your health and wellbeing!

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The phone should not be the reason that you feel chained to your desk, so if you or your staff are experiencing long hours of sitting still because of the phone, do give us a call on 01604 529170 to see how we can help!


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