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How Call Answering Can Make You A Grand Master

Success is about getting your pieces lined up ...

Posted on: 16/10/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

Chess is a game of strategy as well as one of the most revised musicals that Broadway has ever seen. Business owners like you and me know that you always have to be one step ahead, planning your next move. It makes using a VA or Call Answering Service a no-brainer ...

How Call Answering Can Make You A Grand Master

Business owners are always looking for ways to work smarter. They already work extremely hard, something which their family and friends don't always understand. When you are working 18hrs out of 24 then working longer isn't an option.

"If you are already pouring your heart and soul into the business then you have little else you can give!"

Most business owners dream of the lifestyle that allows them to cherry pick the hours that they work, go on expensive holidays, have the car and house of their dreams. The reality is often a little bit different – some never get to live the lifestyle they have dreamed of. Super success for some seems a bit like flying to the moon.

So running a business is a bit like playing a game of Chess. You need to understand all the possible moves of the pieces, you need to understand the aim of the game and set out plans to get you there. We all know the aim is to checkmate the King and the most powerful piece on the board is the Queen – so you protect your own at all costs and take your opponents whenever the opportunity strikes.

A small business is no different. The end goal is the lifestyle you dream of and you need to put plans in place to get you there. It is all about strategy. There is no point in advertising aggressively if you are not set up to handle all the calls that come in – so hire a call answering service.

It's all very well having conversations that end up with the promise of a quote if you haven't got the time to send them out – so get your template over to a VA and then you can call, text or email her the basic details and she can get the quotes prepared for you.

If your business is fully reliant on you - and you alone - then your growth strategy has very little room for expansion. It makes your Queen the linchpin to your success. In Chess, you use other pieces as back up, support and protection. In business you use a VA and a call answering service in exactly the same way.

A VA can free up your time from admin and paperwork, so you can go out and make more sales. A call answering service can protect you from annoying cold calls, help break some of your customers of the habit of ringing for an update every day or expecting to deal with only you – when you employ staff they will have to learn to deal with them rather than you.

Using our call answering service is like building your team. As the song goes "I know him so well". We become part of your team and help you to grow to a point when you can sustain employing people.

"Knowing you well is crucial if we are to appear as part of your team!"

So we go above and beyond some call answering services in order to get to know you. We also like you to get to know us – after all colleagues tend to know quite a bit about each other don't they?

So, as you start to think about your strategy for 2015, perhaps it is time to consider what changes you need to make? Call us on 01604 529170 and we can help you work out how a call answering service could elevate you to being a Grand Master of business.

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