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Here's Why You're Unknowingly Marketing Your Competition

Fail-safe methods to ensure your competitors don't get what's yours ...

Posted on: 28/05/2015   By: Jacqui Frost

Marketing is an essential activity for any business, don't you agree? We're at the tail end of recruiting a new marketeer here at The Office Genie and I've put a lot of time and effort into the process because I know the right person will have a HUGE impact on my business. So watch this space!

Here's Why You're Unknowingly Marketing Your Competition

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But interestingly, if you want to find and keep more customers and grow your business, marketing is not the full answer. Sure, marketing activity will keep your business on the radar of prospects, attract the attention of new prospects, and encourage existing customers to buy again.

But all these benefits are just theoretical - without the tools and processes in place, to convert an enquiry into a customer.

True story.

I know of a number of business owners who've invested in a highly effective marketing campaign, only to lose out at the last stage. By this, I mean their marketing campaign has generated phone enquiries - and lots of them - but they fall at the last step (and lose a sale), all because they didn't answer their phone.


Excuse me for getting on my soapbox, but this common marketing mistake is completely avoidable. Just outsource your Call Handling! That way you can ensure you have the flexible phone answering resource in place to catch every single inbound call.

That's right! With the right processes in place you need never miss a single enquiry again. Even if three, four, even five people ring at the same time - every single inbound call can be handled professionally, and your business benefits fully from your investment in marketing.

It's a cruel mistake

Consider the alternative ... what happens if you DON'T pick up your phone when the sales enquiry comes in? At best, the customer will ring back or leave a message. If they do that, at least you stand a chance of redeeming yourself and making the sale.

However, that approach puts a huge onus on the customer. In short, you have lost control over that enquiry. What's more, you may be completely unaware that there was an opportunity to sell in the first place.

The worst case is your customer goes elsewhere ... and here's the galling thing that you may not realise. If you've created the marketing and done all the hard work to get the phone to ring, do you really want to pass that opportunity onto another supplier - all because you didn't pick up?

Do you really want your competition to benefit from your investment and grow their business on the back of your marketing - at the expense of your business?

"I promise you, that's what's happening every time you miss a call!"

Remember, you've created the desire for your product/service through your marketing. And if you can't handle all inbound enquiries, you can't blame your prospect for Googling an alternative and taking their business elsewhere, can you?

You're in denial

I've found businesses grossly underestimate the volume of calls they miss - and then use this as an excuse NOT to invest in Call Handling. FACT. Unless you have unlimited hands on deck (which an outsourced Call Handling service does), missed calls are an inevitability.

What's more, depending on your business, just ONE additional sale could cover your outsourced Call Handling for months!

So what are you going to do?

  1. Will you stick with the excuse that Call Handling is an unnecessary luxury?

  2. Or will you accept the fact that you're leaching leads, sales, and profits on a daily basis because your inbound Call Handling capacity is inadequate?

Stop giving your competitors leads that you've paid to generate!

It's really easy to discover how outsourced Call Handling can ensure you (and only you) profit from your marketing. So why not give me a call today? In fact, call right now and let's have a chat about how you can introduce a fail-safe way to ensure nothing slips through your net.

Covering your inbound calls should be one of the first aspects of marketing that you cover, not one of the last. And with the Genies working for you, it's easy (and more affordable) than you think, to ensure you capture every single inbound call.

We're waiting to help! Just ring 01604 529170. Speak soon :-)

(Rant over!)

Until next time ...


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