Have Apple Just Made An Error In Judgement?

Why you have to put your customers first...


The success of the Apple brand up until this point has been truly phenomenal as they are well known for their innovative and stylish designs and their dominance of the consumer electronics market ...

If you need to get your iPhone repaired, thanks to Apple's new iOS update, you're about to find out how expensive an Apple Store repair can be!

If you need to get your iPhone repaired, thanks to Apple's new iOS update, you're about to find out how expensive an Apple Store repair can be!

Now recognised as the number one brand in the world, data has emerged that the end of 2015 was a very good time for the company as they sold more than 74.4 million iPhones over the 90 day period leading up to Christmas, translating to over 34,000 iPhones.

"Apple made a great start to 2016!"

However, their New Year's joy was cut short with the arrival of the dreaded 'Error 53' message threatening to destroy Apple's otherwise spotless reputation.

Since the latest iOS update was released, iPhone users all over the globe have been receiving the error message that immediately disables your iPhone, effectively making it unusable and a complete dud.

The error message will only occur if iOS detects the iPhone has undergone third-party repairs using counterfeit Apple parts. It's fair to say that people aren't at all happy about it!

While Apple argues their reasoning behind the latest feature is to 'protect their customers', victims of the error message are definitely not in agreement. Once the counterfeit repairs have been detected, the iPhone is permanently disabled and shut down, leaving the consumer with no other option but to purchase a new one.

Apple are encouraging the unlucky ones to contact Apple Support for advice on what to do next, but is this really just a money-grabbing scam to boost Apple's ever-increasing profits?

"The company's profits have increased no end over the past few years due to their innovative thinking!"

With users being unable to download music to their iPods, iPhones or iPads without using iTunes and their constantly changing charging ports causing consumers to buy new chargers and portable speakers with every new iPhone purchase, it's no surprise that they've surged to the top of the leader board. But have they gone too far this time?

I am resisting the urge to download the latest iOS update as I recently had my screen repaired by a third-party mender and should my iPhone be disabled I would be left with no choice but to purchase a new one, putting money straight into Apple's pocket.

Not only will this increase iPhone sales but it will also encourage Apple users to have their phone repaired at their nearest Apple store where the screen replacement alone can cost up to £126.44 - significantly more than third-party repair shops!

"Are Apple really thinking of the customers?"

It's difficult to tell unless you can adequately understand the technology behind the debacle, but from the outside, it's not looking good. Many iPhone users have commented on the company's arrogance and are resistant to buy from them again. It has been reported that Apple shares have fallen by 20% in the past three months. So are Apple really just trying to make up the numbers?

Either way, this is a massive error by Apple. Legal proceedings have begun as claims are being made that the company are committing an offence under the Criminal Damage Act 1971 which states that it is a legal offence to 'intentionally destroy the property of another'.

It's fair to say that it's not a good time for Apple right now, but for us, it's a real lesson in business that reiterates how important it is to put your customers first. It's inevitable that Apple will lose customers following this and that their previously transparent and honest reputation will be hugely dented.

So remember, your customers are the reason that your business is successful and that just one selfish act can take the reputation that you've been building for years and shatter it in a matter of seconds.

Always put your customers first and the revenue will come flooding in, and know that no matter how bad your day is going, for once, it's going better than Apple's!

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