Google Adwords: An Even Tougher Auction

A bid to improve their user experience ...


In our ever-evolving world, it is important for businesses to keep up with technological changes in their industry and one company that does this particularly well is none other than global giant Google ...

Any business owners using PPC need to be aware of Google's changes.

Any business owners using PPC need to be aware of Google's changes.

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Google recognises and embraces change, channelling it into developing and adapting their products and services to attract and retain customers.

"In a nutshell, Google offers businesses the chance to get noticed through pay per click advertising!"

Whilst PPC can be pricey, it's managed to make a number of good businesses great by generating more enquiries than ever imaginable. However, Google have just unveiled some changes to their ads which are bound to make the already highly competitive PPC market just that little bit more crowded.

These changes have come about after months of Google researching the actions of their customers in a bid to improve the user experience. Unsurprisingly their research revealed that there are now significantly more mobile searches than desktop searches resulting in Google revisiting and revamping their mobile site.

Whilst it's good news for Google's audience, it's not good news for those using AdWords as PPC is about to get a whole lot more expensive and a whole lot more competitive.

It is, of course, the aim of every AdWords marketer to have their ads shown on the first page of the results, ideally at the top; however the price that has to be paid to do that has increased no end since Google AdWords was first established. The highest bid for one click currently sits at just over $50 and the most competitive PPC industries are said to include insurance, loans and mortgages.

It's a smart move by Google as people will be more likely to place higher bids to ensure they continue to appear on the first page, but it's not all about the revenue. Once again Google are showing their commitment to their consumers by attempting to better their user experience.

Whilst it may not seem like a win for those using AdWords, should they make it to the first page, their ability to cut through the clutter should improve resulting in a higher click-through rate.

The other week I wrote about Apple and their choice to put revenue before their customers (you can see that story here). This week, we can praise Google for doing the exact opposite, and instead, understanding that the customers and their experience must come first despite all else.

Of course, Google have once again demonstrated their smart nature by adapting their services to suit both themselves and consumers; it's clear to see why they are so successful at what they do.

"Google are displaying their proactive nature as they react quickly to consumer evolvement!"

The world is now a much more mobile place and Google wants to ensure that their mobile site is as developed as their desktop site to enhance the user experience. Thank you Google, although I'm not so sure my AdWords campaign will be very happy!

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