Five Top Tips To Get Your Company Noticed At An Exhibition

How to stand out and bring your brand to life ...


Exhibiting at a trade show, or local business event, is a great way to gain exposure to your target market, but what you do when you get in front of that target market is crucial to its success ...

Whenever we attend an exhibition, trade show or local business event, you can be sure The Office Genie really stands out!

Whenever we attend an exhibition, trade show or local business event, you can be sure The Office Genie really stands out!

Being placed in front of an audience of potential customers is something that doesn't happen all that often, so when you do get the chance, you need to ensure that you stand out and get noticed.

Now you may be aware that although we at The Office Genie offer a very professional and efficient service, we do like to have our fun and that was no different when we attended the EC National Convention in Birmingham on Monday.

So we thought we'd share with you our 'tricks of the trade' for standing out at an event or exhibition:

  1. Do Something Different With Your Stand

    The standard exhibition or event will probably consist of similar sized stands or spaces where some will be creative and others won't. Well, here's my advice ... be creative!

    As you can see from the picture above, our stand has a Genie attached to the top of it (thanks to a very complicated structure I must add!) which means that our stand is usually considerably higher than those around us. Tilting the lights just slightly to highlight the Genie also ensures that she (and we) won't be missed!

  2. Run A Competition

    Not that exotic I know and other exhibitors will be doing the same, but believe me, it works! The chance to win a brand new iPad or a month's free service can really attract prospects to come and have a chat with you, after all, everybody loves a winner!

    The key here is to ensure that the prize is desirable. A small 10% off coupon probably isn't going to entice anyone, so be sure to offer something that's going to make your prospects really want to win!

  3. Invite Them To Play A Game

    Games bring out the fun in everyone and take us back to our childhood when we were free of worries and stresses, so tempt your prospects to escape for a moment by getting them involved with a classic childhood game.

    It can be anything from guessing how many sweets are in the jar to knocking down tin cans and winning a teddy bear, just do something that will get people over to your stand, where you can have a bit of fun with them and start to build a relationship. On Monday we played Hook-A-Duck with many of our prospects and it guaranteed a good laugh and a chance to chat.

  4. Man The Stand At All Times

    There is nothing more frustrating than walking past a business that you'd like to know more about, but are unable to because no one is around. If you're going to put the effort and investment into exhibiting then you need to make sure you capture any leads you can.

    Having more than one person is crucial when exhibiting because at some point they're going to need to grab a drink, a snack or run to the restroom – we tend to have at least three if not more people running the stand because sometimes an influx of people all turn up at once!

  5. Bring Your Brand To Life

    This is where you get the chance to do something really different that makes sure you stand out far above your competitors. Make it highly relevant to your business and make it something that people will stop to look at, something that will bring a crowd over to you that everyone else will want to join.

    It's our signature move to bring a real-life Genie (or two) to any events we exhibit at, it really grabs the attention of passers-by and definitely brings our brand to life! It's consistent, colourful and totally bonkers, but it definitely gets people talking!

Not doing something to differentiate your business from others when exposed to a whole room of potential customers is just a waste of your time, money and energy.

So make sure you plan ahead when choosing to exhibit and if you're after any wacky or crazy ideas, I'm sure we can help you out!

Until next time ...



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