Every Call Counts: Some Real World Examples

Do these Office Genie clients sound like you?


Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in the numbers of self-employed and micro-business owners throughout the country. Many people have been forced into this situation thanks to the economy so one thing is for sure: every call counts ...

John the plumber knows that every call counts. That's why The Office Genie answers his phone!

John the plumber knows that every call counts. That's why The Office Genie answers his phone!

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The vast majority of these new businesses are in competitive industries so can't be classed as innovators. With competition comes a squeeze in prices that can be charged, so many survive on very tight margins.

Most businesses don't want people to know that they're using a call handling service, so we've changed the names and circumstances of the real world examples we feature below.

"New businesses are particularly vulnurable!"

Take, for example, the story of John the plumber. Made redundant from his long-term careeer, he retrained while his wife took on a second job to cover the bills. He's been trading for five months now and regularly missed calls when he was on a job.

When he asked us to sprinkle a little bit of magic his way, he told us that for every five calls he missed, only one would leave a message and at least 80% of the time, when he called them back, they'd found a different plumber.

Now his mobile diverts to us instead of voicemail, the Genies answer the calls for him, talk to the caller about how John can help them and even book the appointment. He's so busy now that his wife has been able to drop her second job as he can cover his part of the household bills.

"Missing a call can change a month from a positive to a negative one!"

We've been working with business consultant Jane for a while now. She's a single mum so has a busy home life and works with a range of clients on projects within their own businesses. She was doing ok but sometimes had to deny her kids treats and trips when there just wasn't enough in the pot at the end of the month.

She told us there were plenty of times when she was organising kids or travelling to clients premises when the phone would ring and she would have to miss the call. Again, like John, many callers wouldn't leave a message so she knew she was losing business.

Now we answer the phone for her, find out more about the caller, update Jane's CRM and send out her marketing materials to the potential new client. She uses a virtual number for her business so knows that every call is being answered by us.

"Being interrupted can really
throw you out!"

We've also started working with a software developer. Our friend Phil works on chunky projects that take time to complete and needs total concentration. When he had a VOIP phone ringing next to him, he'd have to stop coding, switch into 'business mode' and answer the call.

He told us that after the call, he'd procrastinate for ages, making drinks, checking Facebook and just not being able to get back to the right mindset to work on his projects. He was annoyed with himself for not jumping straight back.

When we explained that this was a common problem for creative people he actually sighed in relief and asked us to help. Now he pushes a button on his VOIP phone to divert all calls to us and believes he's doubled his productivity.

"So yes, every call counts!"

At The Office Genie, we work our magic for a wide variety of clients in different industries. Each of them is unique and need us to do different things for them, but it all starts with us answering the phone for them.

Whether you're losing business because you're on a callout unable to answer the phone, if travelling and family time gets in the way, or you need time to concentrate so don't want to pick up, The Office Genie can sprinkle some magic into your business world and ensure every call gets answered and dealt with.

Remember, we're not just message takers, we offer a wide range of virtual assistant services too! Why not call us on 01604 529170 or click here to send us an email enquiry and let's explore how we can work together?

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