Even A Hands-Free Car Kit Can Get You Prosecuted!

The longer the call, the more you're distracted ...


There's usually a lot of driving involved during the Christmas period. I know I have to make at least four long journeys to see my family, and I want to make sure I get there and back safely ...

We know phones are distracting on the move, even when using a hands-free car kit!

We know phones are distracting on the move, even when using a hands-free car kit!

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I was planning the trips with my husband Ian and we were talking about using the phone in the car. Whilst getting your passenger to answer calls is a possible solution, many of us are using hands-free car kits that are wired into our car audio systems and sync via Bluetooth to our phones.

"Although legal, these can still
be distracting!"

I read a really sad article in the Daily Mail recently which told of a lady who was found guilty of dangerous driving after she killed a motorcyclist in a head-on collision. She had been chatting to a friend, using a legal hands-free car kit, and drifted onto the other side of the road and hit the guy head on. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Samantha Ayres thought she was doing the right thing by using a hands-free car kit, but what the jury accepted as evidence was that she had been on the call for a while and had become distracted enough to cause the tragic accident.

There is more and more research being published that says taking a call hands-free can be as distracting as holding the actual phone. It seems that when we're talking to someone on the telephone, hands-free or otherwise, we're subconsciously visualising that person, so are not paying full attention to the road. The longer the call, the less attention we pay as we become more engaged with the conversation.

So be safe this Christmas and don't even answer a call when you're driving; let it go to voicemail whether you have a hands-free car kit or not. Pull over safely then call them back when you know you won't cause an accident.

"The Office Genie can help you!"

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