Driving Instructors And Why They Shouldn't Use A Phone

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Everyone is aware of the legislation against using a hand-held mobile phone when driving and the fines have doubled too. But did you know that driving instructors can be charged whilst giving a lesson?

Driving instructors need to concentrate on the lesson at all times. Their phone can be a real distraction!

Driving instructors need to concentrate on the lesson at all times. Their phone can be a real distraction!

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Yes, that's right. As the driving instructor is in charge of the vehicle whilst giving a lesson, if a police officer sees the instructor using their phone whilst a student is at the wheel, they'll be the one who gets fined.

"Driving instructors need to
lead by example!"

When training the next generation of drivers, the instructor needs to lead by example and ensure that the student is well aware of the laws against using hand-held mobile phones when driving. Responding to a text or taking a call is a huge no-no and could really get the driving instructor into trouble.

So what can an instructor do? Many are self-employed and still have to run their business. What if a student wants to re-schedule a session or a new caller wants to know more about the lessons the driving instructor offers?

There's a simple solution to this. The Office Genie can take the calls, re-arrange bookings, send out marketing materials (by post and email) to new enquirers and even update their database with full details of the new student.

"It's a combination of our call handling and virtual assistant services, all for one monthly fee!"

Working with The Office Genie means that the instructor can give the student their full attention at all times, ensuring proper instruction and vastly improving the odds of the student passing their test first time.

The Government advice to driving instructors is this: ''It's your responsibility to make sure your pupils are safe and competent drivers. So please do everything you can to educate them about the dangers of using their phone while driving. Put your phone away!''. Sounds pretty sensible to me.

Essex Police recently ran an exercise in Chelmsford and stopped over 200 drivers which incuded a driving instructor who was on the phone during a lesson. Needless to say the instructor got fined and received points on their license which greatly affected their insurance premium.

"Don't use your phone during driving lessons, let The Office Genie take the calls instead!"

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