Does Your Business Need To Blog? Part 2

The A-Z Of business blogging ...


Last week, I shared with you the first part of the A–Z of business blogging, where I'm giving you 20 reasons as to why I think it's super important that every business writes a regularly updated blog ...

Here are another 10 great reasons your business needs to blog!

Here are another 10 great reasons your business needs to blog!

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Today, I'm ready to give you another 10, but feel free to read Part 1 first if you haven't already. So here are the next 10 for you:

  1. List Growth

    Writing a blog gives you another opportunity to capture the information of prospects, growing your list and making your warm target market even bigger. Most people will have a sign-up box on their blog, whether that's to download a lead magnet or simply to be notified of the latest blog posts. This is a fantastic way to build your list and to see who is reading your content.

  2. Networking

    Networking is one of the best ways to generate business, whether that's online or offline. Writing a blog means that you are generating pure content that can be shared in online networking groups to generate conversation and show your expert knowledge of your industry. It also shows contribution to the community, so people may be more inclined to network with you (after all, if you give, you get).

  3. Opportunities For Sharing

    Writing your own content provides numerous amounts of opportunity for sharing. Whether that is via social media platforms, through email, or even in person. If you come across somebody that you think could benefit from reading your blog posts (or even a particular blog post) tell them! Send them the link, ask them to visit the website, just make sure they read it!

  4. Personalised

    Writing a blog allows you to get personal. It means you can write about events that have happened in your life and in your business. Opening up and allowing customers and prospects to see behind the scenes allows them to understand you and your business on a human level, meaning they'll find you more personable and will be less hesitant to contact you.

  5. Qualified Employees

    Businesses that are forward thinking often attract a higher calibre of employees. Regular blogging shows that as a business you prioritise keeping up with the latest industry trends and sharing these with your audience; an attractive company trait for both customers and employees.

  6. Relationships

    Blogging can enhance relationships with suppliers, customers, prospects and those in your networking circle. Sometimes you'll find yourself writing about topics that relate to businesses within your immediate network. Adding a short paragraph recommending the services of those you know and trust, I'm sure would be greatly appreciated.

  7. SEO

    Probably the biggest reason businesses decide to start blogging is to improve their SEO and drive more traffic to their website. SEO is one of those things that unless your expert in, it's hard to understand, but blogging is known for improving your SEO and increasing your organic reach. Just make sure you learn about keywords and you'll be generating more traffic in no time!

  8. Two-Way Communication

    Although blogging primarily involves you writing content, most posts will generate comments and questions that will open the door for you to partake in some two-way communications with potential customers.

  9. Vlogging

    Once you start to blog and become established, vlogging is the next step! Video blogging is becoming even more popular than written blogs these days so throw a few of these in and it'll open up your readers to a whole new world!

  10. Website Traffic

    Increasing website traffic is something we all try to do, so why not do it at a low cost, rather than spending hundreds of pounds a month on PPC advertising? Ensure your blog is under your domain name to get the best results!

So that's it! With part one and now part two, you now have 20 reasons to start blogging today!

If you have any questions about how to get started, what to blog about or what style of writing will best suit your business, just get in touch!

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