Does Your Business Need To Blog? Part 1

The A-Z Of business blogging ...


Every day, the blogosphere is becoming more and more saturated, both in business and with people writing personal blogs about their hobbies, interests and general lives ...

There are many great reasons that businesses need to blog and it's easier than you think!

There are many great reasons that businesses need to blog and it's easier than you think!

Whilst the competition may be high, there is good reason for every business to start a blog, and I have twenty reasons that I’m going to tell you as to why you should start blogging for your business today!

Here are the first ten:

  1. Authority

    Writing a blog gives you and your business authority within your industry; it gives you a chance to showcase your expertise and show your customers and prospects everything you know. This allows people to begin to trust your brand and what you have to say.

  2. Build An Audience

    Building a following on a regular blog means that you’ll have a core group of people (hopefully potential clients) that will regularly be interacting with your company, keeping you top of mind and first in line if ever they were to need your products or services.

  3. Content Marketing

    Creating content is the best way to engage with your audience, give them valuable hints and tips about certain aspects of your business to help them with their own ventures or in their personal life. Your readers will really appreciate any advice or guidance you can give them!

  4. Depend Less On Paid Traffic

    Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising and PPC can become extremely expensive, very quickly and it can sometimes take a long time for it to pay off. Social sharing can drive people to your blog for free, meaning you can spend less on paid traffic and get the same or better results!

  5. Engagement

    Blogging gives you a chance to engage with your audience, many readers will have questions on the back of a blog and therefore conversation can often be easily created between the reader and your business.

  6. Friendships

    Having an online presence can sometimes lead to online relationships being built which incidentally could result in offline friendships. Blogging often brings together people with similar interests or creates a good foundation for conversation.

  7. Guest Posts

    Allowing guest bloggers to write posts on your blog is an excellent way to give something back to your customers. Give them the opportunity to showcase their expertise to your audience and they’ll be forever thankful for the exposure!

  8. Humanise Your Brand

    Blogging can bring your brand to life and can help build a strong brand. Personality and human characteristics have never been as vital in business as they are today so it’s important to inject the right personality and culture into your business.

  9. Inspiring

    Blogging offers the perfect opportunity to inspire your audience. Tell stories of your successes and failures (and how you got over them), as well as the everyday challenges you face. This allows people to connect with you on a more personal level and may inspire them to work harder, better their lives and follow in your footsteps.

  10. Jargon-Free

    Your blog is the perfect place to talk about your company, what you do and the business world in general. Unlike on your website, when sometimes you need to use jargon to describe the more technical things in your business – your blog can be completely jargon-free. Blogging is a much more informal platform and offers you the opportunity to describe your products and services in an easy-to-understand way.

Business blogging has worked wonders for companies big and small and really is a fantastic way to build your brand, increase your audience size and inject some personality into your business.

Check out part two next week and get another ten reasons why business blogging is the perfect idea for you!

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