Do You Need To Improve Your Communication?

Or is it too little, too late?


To do business, there has to be a certain level of communication, whether that's one-way, two-way, direct or indirect. In order to purchase from you, a customer must communicate with you ...

If you're lacking in communication, then like the landlord in this story, you're going to lose big time!

If you're lacking in communication, then like the landlord in this story, you're going to lose big time!

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Nowadays, there are so many means of communication; from social media and websites through to old fashioned direct mail and email marketing.

"However, it's not only your customers that you communicate with to gain business!"

Communication through face-to-face interactions with other business owners can drastically increase your opportunities through referral marketing. Similarly, word of mouth advertising is entirely dependent on those you know or those who have bought from you communicating your message to their peers.

Unfortunately, even those businesses that are continuously thriving and becoming ever more popular can suffer the effects of a lack in communication. This was recently brought to light when a booming Northampton bar/nightclub was forced to close. In this case, it wasn't a lack of communication from the managers of the nightclub, it was in fact, quite the opposite.

You see, the managers of this bar had been trying to contact their landlord for ten months in the lead up to the end of their lease, but had no luck in getting a reply, let alone an answer.

As the end of contract date drew closer, the managers had no option, but to sell their assets and make their staff unemployed. After all, you have to be ready to vacate a property on the date the lease comes to an end.

In a surprising (or perhaps unsurprising) turn of events, just a few days before their move out date, they received a call from their landlord offering to extend the lease.

"Unfortunately, it was too late!"

The bar no longer had chairs, glasses or anything it needed to operate - it didn't even have any staff! I'd wager a hefty sum that that landlord is kicking himself now; he just threw away what I can only imagine to be a rather large chunk of his income!

A simple lack of communication has caused him to lose a rather large amount of business, and what's worse is that everybody knows about it. The shut-down of the hugely popular location has hit the local press hard, so finding someone to rent the property now could pose a threat for the uncontactable landlord.

This close to home example is an accurate representation of the damage that a lack of communication can do to a business. Not to mention that the landlord will not only have lost this opportunity, but potentially many others. Unfortunately, advances in technology have become a double-edged sword, with bad news spreading far quicker and far wider than good news.

"Communication is key!"

You need the correct messages to be circulating about your business at the right time. You want to be that flexible, available and accessible company that everyone raves about when recommending somebody in your industry.

Don't let inaccessibility hinder your business and its reputation. Make your business available, even if you aren't.

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