Dismaland: A Different Kind Of Customer Experience

Because life isn't always a fairy tale ...


Last week, I wrote about the amazing lessons we can learn from Walt Disney and the Disneyland customer experience. This week I’m going to spin that around, turn it upside down and really confuse you by going in the complete opposite direction ...

I'm going to focus on the outrageous customer service implemented at Banksy's Dismaland!

I'm going to focus on the outrageous customer service implemented at Banksy's Dismaland!

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This summer, Dismaland took the UK by storm, attracting over 4,000 visitors every day. Created by Banksy – a political activist and urban street artist, the ‘Bereavement Park’ was designed to show visitors everything that’s wrong with Great Britain and highlighted that "life isn’t always a fairy tale".

In a bid to oppose the dreams and wishes that the Disney brand work so hard to fulfil, Dismaland was full of rude, moody employees that were there to do anything but make the visitors create magical and unforgettable memories.

"From the minute visitors entered the park they were treated, well - dismally!"

All visitors had to be security checked upon arrival by angry and rude security guards and the staff attitudes didn’t improve once inside. They would even tell the visitors to ‘endjoy’ their day – a jibe at Disneyland’s continuous positivity and a fantastic play on words.

The park reflected Banksy’s and other artist’s political and rather sceptical views in an overly creative way. Just some of the attractions included a dead Cinderella draped over her pumpkin surrounded by paparazzi, a pay day loan shop for children to get mortgages at ridiculously high interest rates and a lady being attacked by seagulls.

So why did it attract so many visitors? As it turns out, Banksy’s outrageous act worked a treat, as guests were fascinated by the shocking and sometimes rather risqué topics that were displayed throughout the park. A virtual tour of the park can be seen here.

Despite the terrible customer service and gloomy atmosphere, visitors left the park feeling an array of emotions; some shocked and some saddened, but all left having had a truly unforgettable customer experience.

"All because Dismaland had met and exceeded its customers’ expectations. And isn’t that what we all aim for?"

All business owners want their businesses to stand out and be remembered, so start to think of some innovative and creative new things you could do to make your customer experience unforgettable.

Banksy’s Dismaland tackled a lot of dangerous topics, but many of them hit home with the visitors creating an emotional connection. And it’s that emotional connection that business owners strive for.

By personalising your service, getting creative and making your customer journey unforgettable, you’ll stand out from your competition and develop better relationships with your customers.

But the overall lesson, and the only thing that both Disneyland and Dismaland have in common is their attention to detail. I discussed this last week in my blog post, and now I’m more certain than ever that attention to detail truly is the key to creating an unforgettable and unrivalled customer experience.

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