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Deck the halls with boughs of Holly

10 ways we help you remain jolly ...

Posted on: 11/12/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

We have lots of Domestic Cleaning clients and this time of year always gets a little crazy for them. Everybody wants a spotless house before they are invaded by the extended family over the Christmas period ...

you want everything to be perfect on christmas day

you want everything to be perfect on christmas day

December is a difficult time to remain jolly when everyone is trying to create their own perfect day and making demands on others. Our cleaning clients spend a lot of time in December buried in their schedules, trying to keep everyone happy.

Those people that pay for a regular clean will obviously have one scheduled in the week before Christmas, but those on fortnightly or monthly cleans may need an extra one slotting in before the big day.

With all this extra work we help take up the extra strain by:

  1. Taking bookings for those "spring" cleans - getting the house spick and span before the family invade!
  2. Helping people arrange vouchers as presents for their loved ones.
  3. Calling customers to advise the dates of the Christmas closures.
  4. Advising customers the dates for the first clean of the New Year.
  5. Rescheduling cleans to before Christmas.
  6. Handling all the usual telephone enquiries.
  7. Following up to find out how customers found their first/spring cleans.
  8. Taking cancellations from customers who are going away over the festive season.
  9. Passing on final quotes following estimate visits.
  10. Following up quotations to see if they would like to take up the service.

During busy periods it can be easy to let the small things that make your service extra special slip away. By using the Genies to help keep in touch with their customers, our Cleaning Clients find they can maintain their excellent service level. For many people, the choice of company is often based on the personal touch, which for small firms can be hard to provide without taking on more staff.

"When is your busy time of year? When could you do with a hand providing the personal touches to your service whilst you plough your way through the heavy workload?"

Using a virtual PA and receptionist service can help reduce stress levels. It's not easy helping your customers achieve their perfect Christmas as well as organising your own magical day - that's why so many of our Cleaning Clients use our services more in the lead up to Christmas. So give us a call on 0845 901 1803 to book your extra support.

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