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How to Run an Event without a Hitch

Posted on: 26/09/2013   By: Jacqui Frost

The key to running a good event is to be organised. A poorly run event will impact your relationship with everyone there, whether it's a training course, a networking event or a dinner party and there are lots of things to think about to ensure that your event is a hit with everyone ...

whatever the size of your event, good planning is crucial

whatever the size of your event, good planning is crucial

Although planning for the three types of events is very similar, today's blog is going to focus on organising training or networking events. In the business world it's important for events to run smoothly, as a badly run event can have a huge impact on your reputation.

So here are the crucial factors for you to focus on to ensure that your event is a success:

  1. Organisation before the event:

    You have to start with some delegates, without them there wouldn't be an event! Part of the organising involves inviting people, booking them onto the course and making sure they know what to expect. Then once they have booked they will need to know the address/directions to the venue, how to cancel/contact you on the day, what to bring with them and at least have a brief understanding of the agenda. Once you have everything sorted for your delegates, you will need to organise yourself for the event. Anything you can do in the days before should be done as this will help you not to be too flustered on the day. So you can pack any manuals/handouts, notepads, pens, feedback forms, literature in advance, you can even put them in the car ready so you don't forget them!
  2. Liaising with the Venue:

    If you are using a venue for the first time then I would advise you to visit it at least once before the day so that you are familiar with the layout, where the fire exits, toilets, etc are - there is nothing worse than not being able to answer a delegate's question. Whilst you are there you can check that all your electronic equipment works in situ; the last thing that you need is to arrive and find that your laptop will not interface with their projector.
  3. For every event you are planning you will need to check the venue knows:

    • What you require in terms of catering

    • How many delegates are coming (usually confirming in the 48 hours leading up to the event)

    • How you would like the room laid out

    • Which equipment they are providing e.g. projector, extension leads, flip chart etc

  4. On the Day of the Training Course:

    It's always a good idea to arrive early to any event: there may have been last minute changes by the venue which mean you are in a different room; your laptop might suddenly decide that it won't work with the projector. By arriving early you can tackle these little crises before the delegates arrive! It's often a good idea to have the delegates' mobile phone numbers with you, in case there are any last-minute changes to the plan.

    Your final job is to be on hand to greet the delegates. I don't mean manning the admin/sign in desk, because you need to be available for any questions delegates have, so where possible arrange for someone to run the admin/sign in desk for you. Now all the hard work is done, and the delivery of the course should go off smoothly. I'm afraid that bit is definitely down to the expert!!

Of course if Admin/Organisation is not your strong point then by all means call an Event Management expert. As one of our clients, Jacky Sherman of Referral Institute , says

"I love being organised for a training course. The great thing about using The Office Genie is that my training courses are organised with very little involvement from me. They offer a fantastic event management package. They can email, ring and chase delegates until the booking is confirmed, keeping me updated along the way. They liaise with the venue for me. They even send me the attendance list. All I have to do is invite people to come along and then turn up on the day."

If you're thinking of organising an event, why not chat with us on +44 (0) 845 901 1803 so that you too can have the confidence and peace of mind that everything will run like clockwork?

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I had a successful 20-year career as an office manager and personal assistant; however, my job was no longer focused on the customers and became all about the numbers. My customer-focused background began when I was 12 in my father's independent carpet showroom. I had a spell with Marks & Spencer before I moved into office-based jobs. I have worked as a training administrator, a PA and PA/office manager in a variety of industries from manufacturing to the IT education sector.

Meanwhile, my husband Ian, a successful Northampton based Master Decorator and owner of Rainbow Frost, was losing out on work due to missed phone calls. When he was busy, callers were getting his voicemail but weren't leaving messages. I knew how to fix that problem!

I quit my job and took on Ian as the first client of The Office Genie in November 2005. Word quickly spread with the second client coming on board just one week later. The majority of our clients since have come to us through word of mouth recommendations and networking referrals. Over the years, I have become well connected in Northampton and Milton Keynes.

Outside of work I enjoy swimming, roller skating, the theatre and my cats and dogs!


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