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Posted on: 07/02/2013   By: Jenny Eaton

The time has come for me to own up. When my Dad first suggested we use The Office Genie I was sceptical. I was a full time member of staff, it was my job to do all of the admin tasks and man the phones; what did he need them for ...

the office genie can relieve you of many time consuming tasks

the office genie can relieve you of many time consuming tasks

But, having shoved in my (defensive) penny's worth on the subject, he got me to agree to meet with Jacqui. I remember this meeting vividly; Jacqui was full of fantastic ideas to help our fledgling business out, however I just couldn't see it working. I have come a long way since then and this feels a bit like AA: "Hi my name is Jenny and I am a control freak".

You see my biggest problem was letting go. I could fully understand that there were times that I wasn't able to get to the telephone and that we would be missing calls. So I could accept that there was a need for us to use the Call Handling Facilities - hard to argue really when the Franchisor was advocating using a telephone answering service. But Message Taking was enough for me; no one else could book an appointment like I book an appointment!

You'll be pleased to know I did eventually get over myself and we added Diary Management to our package. I was amazed at how much time that saved me. It may not sound like much, but not having to ring someone back (trying three or four times to get them because they have gone out) and take the details saved me at least an hour across the space of a week.

As a small company, this extra time is eaten up again rapidly. However it allowed us to complete marketing tasks required by the Franchisor. You would be amazed at the extra marketing which can be achieved in that extra hour per week. I just wish that I had approached it with an open mind in the beginning. If we had utilised The Office Genie's services from the beginning, just imagine the time we could have spent on planning and marketing and making money!!

Ultimately, when you run your own business it's about making your time work for you - time spent avoiding tasks is not time well spent!! But an hour where you secure an order/contract and get admin tasks completed is definitely an hour well spent. And don't forget that an admin/secretarial specialist will complete the work quicker than you would have done, so you may even get twice as much done!

So what tasks could you hand over today? Give Jacqui at The Office Genie a call on +44 (0) 1604 529170 and she'll happily talk you through the great time-saving services that you can take advantage of!

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