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Cinderella, Buttons, Prince Charming Or The Ugly Sisters

What's your business personality?

Posted on: 16/12/2013   By: Judith Halliday

Never take things at face value- there's nothing quite like a pantomime to prove that little adage. More often than not it's the Ugly Sisters - like various cruel stepmothers or wicked witches - that end up getting the audience well and truly on their side ...

All businesses have their own personality but which one do you aspire to?

All businesses have their own personality but which one do you aspire to?

Pretty little Cinderella might get the sympathy vote, and Prince Charming might make us swoon, and Dandini makes us laugh with some naff jokes, but it's the one's we love to hate that we, well, love to hate.

Just as in pantomime, so it is in celebrity life. Simon Cowell won't win the popularity vote, but he'll get more attention and headlines than nice Gary Barlow. In the Royal family, we all love Will and Kate, but it's Prince Philip who gets everyone talking every time he drops another clanger.

Of course, being downright nasty is never good for the image but having a strong, forceful character is always a means of getting people to notice you.

So which panto style is the best for getting a marketing message across?

  • Cinderella

    The company that's small, maybe quite new, not too confident about its chances, but wants to make a good impression. Markets itself as reliable, local, friendly and customer-focused.

  • Buttons

    Wants to please everyone but doesn't have much idea how to do it. Gets a bit sidetracked by other things that are going on, leading to trouble if it doesn't sort out which direction it's going in.

  • Prince Charming

    Knows it's good, knows it has a good product and the people will turn up. Is confident enough to do a bit of blowing its own trumpet, letting everyone know about the awards and prizes it seems to win on an almost weekly basis.

  • The Ugly Sisters

    Utterly convinced that they are the best and work on the premise that if you don't say and believe it, no one else will. Overly confident, maybe, but there's nothing wrong with that if it's done in the right way and, like a lot of panto baddies, they usually turn out to have lots of good qualities in the end.

Or else they get their just deserts - but it's nearly Christmas, so let's look on the bright side.

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