Jacqui Frost

Call Handling: The Viennese Waltz Of The Office

Are you too dizzy to be busy?

Posted on: 08/05/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

Why is call handling like the Viennese Waltz? Well, did you know that the Viennese Waltz has a tempo of 180 beats per minute? That's twice as fast as a regular English waltz!

Are you spun in a new direction every time the phone rings?

Are you spun in a new direction every time the phone rings?

Dancers turn each other to the left and right while spinning around the dance floor in circles. I'm sure you'll agree that they're too busy (and probably too dizzy!) to even think about doing anything else whilst they are dancing, let alone attempt it!

Without a call handling service, your office telephone can be as disruptive to your business as dancing the Viennese Waltz would be. Spinning you off in a different direction every time, making it difficult for you to actually complete a task.

Firstly, as a busy business owner, it is impossible for you to answer every incoming call yourself. This can lead to your answerphone literally killing your business. For more information, our free e-book, "How Your Answerphone is Killing Your Business" can be downloaded here.

Secondly, when you call up another busy business owner, you may be greeted by their answerphone. You leave a (hopefully clear and concise!) message, but when they finally return your call you are unavailable again. An endless circle develops, with each of you leaving messages about returning the other's call and no progress being made.

In desperation, you fire off an email, only to receive no response. As the time ticks by, you worry about your hastily sent email.

  • Has it been delivered? (Email addresses change, servers crash and overzealous spam filters have been known to screen out perfectly innocent messages.)

  • Has it been read? (People get sick, go on leave and unfortunately even go out of business.)

  • Has it been understood? (Sometimes the only way to explain something clearly is by talking.)

  • Horror of horrors, has it been misunderstood?

The phrasing and tone of an email can all too easily be misinterpreted. Misunderstandings can lead to the recipient not knowing what you need and even being offended by something you have written.

"Confusion and animosity arise, more time is lost and you are no further forward than when you began!"

Luckily, a call handling service can help you waltz back to productivity in double-quick time. A standard call handling service will ensure that your telephone is always answered and will take messages for you, allowing you to complete the task in hand. The Office Genie likes to go one step further.

We have a magical way of helping callers to reduce the number of call backs our clients have to make.

  • We will answer the caller's questions about your business.

  • We will pass on a message for you, as soon as we receive it.

  • We will take a note of the best time for you to call back, so you can be sure of getting through.

If your call handling is making you too dizzy to be busy, stop spinning in circles by calling us on 01604 529170 today. Let us work our call handling magic, while you do what you do best!

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