Call Handling Service Or Voicemail?

Well, that rather depends ...


When you're an entrepreneur or small business owner, your time is valuable. So how do you ensure you're available to customers? Do you use a call handling service or voicemail?

A call handling service or voicemail? Well, that rather depends ...

A call handling service or voicemail? Well, that rather depends ...

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We live in a connected world where everyone has a mobile phone so voicemail has become a staple technology for everyone. Call someone, no answer, divert to voicemail, leave a message and await a callback.

"And many entrepreneurs and small business owners are happy to operate this way!"

They advertise their mobile phone number on websites, business cards and other marketing collateral, so have no problem with checking their voicemail throughout the day and then calling back when it's convenient for them. And if you're that sort of person then great ... whatever works for you.

However, there is an interesting statistic about new customers calling a business and it's this: 80% of new callers to a business won't leave a message and will go to another company where they can get their enquiry dealt with immediately.

So that's lost business, simply because you were too busy to take the call. No worries ... there'll be another one along in a moment, won't there? But how much business have you lost simply because you're relying on voicemail?

"Well, there is a better way!"

A way that ensures that all calls are answered whatever you're up to, and are answered with a smile and a human voice at the end of the line; that's to use a call handling service.

Now you may think that such a service would cost a huge amount of money each month, but do think about how much money you're losing by not having a call handling service.

Not all call handling services are created equal though. Some companies just take a message and wait for you to call in and collect them. Some email you, some text you.

Very few believe that getting to know you allows them to offer a better service. When you find a call handling service that wants to learn about you and what you do, enabling them to answer basic questions to better help the caller then you know you've found a good one.

"So a call handling service or voicemail?"

Well, that depends on the amount of free time you have, whether you want to minimise your outgoings and don't mind losing business by missing calls. Voicemail could be right for you.

But if you feel you want to have every call answered and every caller helped, you really do need to find a good call handling service who can work with you to offer a great level of customer service.

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