Call Handling Service or Independent VA?

It all comes down to availability ...


One of the many reasons we start a business is to give us more free time for our family and friends, for our hobbies or simply for our soul. But what happens when you get really busy and seem to be tied to the phone?

Our call handling service is second to none and our virtual assistance services are magical!

Our call handling service is second to none and our virtual assistance services are magical!

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Yes, we may be living the dream with all the new projects we're bringing in, but when is it too much? When do you get to the point when you say "enough is enough" and think about outsourcing some of your business tasks?

"Then the next question would be: a call handling service or an independent virtual assistant?"

It's a good question. Do you just outsource your calls so you can get on with client work undisturbed, or do you outsource your phones, lead handling, travel arrangements and anything else you can think of that's causing you to work all hours of the day and night?

An independent virtual assistant that you can outsource some or all of your business tasks too sounds like a great idea as you can build a lot of trust with them and let them know what you want them to do, day in, day out.

But one person on their own brings with it a number of risks. Will they be available at the times you need them? What if they get ill? What if they book a holiday? Are they up to speed on the systems you use or will they expect you to use their standard packages? And how many other business owners are outsourcing to them? Do they have the availability and the focus needed to give you a premium service longterm?

These are lots of good questions. Yes you can build trust, but you can't be 100% sure of their reliability. They may have lots of skills, but are they what you need or will you have to fit in with them?

"Hmmmm. Let me offer you
a better way!"

How about a team of dedicated genies offering a five-star service? A call handling service and virtual assistant services all rolled into one. And because we're a team of highly trained individuals, you can be sure of our availability at all times.

Here are 10 great services we can offer you right now:

  1. Answering your phone & email enquiries

  2. Updating accounts (invoices, expenses and mileage)

  3. Putting together and sending mailshots

  4. Typing (from longhand and audio files)

  5. Arranging appointments (with both prospects and clients)

  6. Organising hotels and travel plans

  7. Internet research (competitors, clients and new products)

  8. Updating your CMS (with new contacts and enquiries)

  9. Building presentations ready for your sales meeting

  10. Organising your email inbox

That's a lot of your valuable time you can outsource to us!

So imagine a day spent working on a presentation for a new client, completely uninterrupted, knowing your calls are being answered and any enquiries dealt with efficiently. Your inbox is clear of spam and sales messages, you're confident the hotel we booked for that vital client meeting has the right sort of room available.

You finish your project at a sensible hour and can spend a stress-free evening with your family before heading out in the morning. Now imagine if you had to rely on an independent virtual assistant. Could they give you that quality of service? Are you sure they're answering your calls with a smile?

"Would you like The Office Genie to sprinkle a little bit of magic into your business world?"

To find out more about our call handling service, combined with our magical virtual assistant services, call us on 01604 529170 or click here to ping over an email and let's see how we can help you.

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We're not a faceless call centre and we're not a single person working from home. We're a small team of highly trained individuals offering an award winning, 5star service!


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