Call Handling: Is Working While You're Away Worth It?

Memories of dinner in the Big Apple ...


Going on holiday is a rite of passage, whether you're a business owner, manager or regular employee, sole trader or CEO, we all deserve a break, don't we?

If you're working while you're away, you really need to consider a call handling service!

If you're working while you're away, you really need to consider a call handling service!

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So, let me take you back to 2010, when I was lucky enough to travel to New York with my family. We'd always loved America (and American customer service) and were excited to be heading over for our third visit to the States.

However, despite all of the incredible things we did on that trip, there was one evening in particular that stood out a mile. We had booked to go on a Dinner Cruise along the Hudson River (I can't recommend it enough), lovely food, gorgeous views and the closest you'll ever get to The Statue Of Liberty.

"But it seemed not everyone was enjoying the evening as much as I was!"

Sat just across the restaurant from our table was a young couple, probably in their early 30s, enjoying a romantic, candlelit dinner on the Hudson. Or were they?

You see, the gentleman at that table (looking dapper in his Versace suit) spent the entirety of his evening talking on the phone. Not once did he even show the slightest interest or converse with the beautiful woman sat across from him, and her face said it all.

Now, not that I was earwigging, but it sounded like he was talking business – serious business. He was British, and judging by his attire I can only imagine that he ran a rather successful and profitable company.

But how much profit is worth spending, what should have been quality time with your other half, securing the latest deal? I for one couldn't get my head around it. He missed a marriage proposal, fireworks and lots of dancing and I can almost guarantee he headed home with a severely angry partner!

To be honest, I left that dinner cruise thinking no more of it, perhaps that was just the way the world of business works. It wasn't until I applied for my job at The Office Genie that memories of that particular evening popped back into my head. The gentlemen (if you can call him that) really could have done with investing in some call handling himself!

I can only imagine how many more nights of his holiday were spent on the phone. What a difference it would have made if he could have diverted his calls, switched off his phone and spent it enjoying time with his beautiful lady.

Anyway, the point is that when you're away on holiday, even as a business owner, you need to relax! You need to switch off, forget about work for a while, rejuvenate and enjoy the uninterrupted time with your family and friends. That way, you enjoy a lovely break, have a happy family and can head back to work with a clear mind.

These days we are lucky enough to have numerous options when it comes to how best to leave our business phones whilst we're away. There's voicemails, switchboards, automated systems and of course, telephone call handling services like ours.

While any of these will suffice, there's little argument to suggest that using a call handling service isn't the best option! A friendly, human voice answering the phone on your behalf and in your business name, presenting your company exactly how you want. Your customers need not know that the person answering your phone isn't sat in your office or isn't a direct employee of yours,

"The right call handling service will ensure that your telephone process is as seamless as it normally is!"

So if you're heading away this summer and fancy a worry-free break, away from any business talk and ringing telephones, contact Carlie or Kelly today on 01604 529170 or click here to send us an email and we'll call you right back.

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