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POSTED BY ADAM FOX ON 05/01/2017 @ 9:00AM

There is more that unites us than that which divides us, as they say. If you've ever worked in retail, you know this is true because nearly every time a barcode doesn't scan the customer will make a joke along the lines of "guess that means it's free" ...

Here are our most frequently asked questions about our call handling service!

Here are our most frequently asked questions about our call handling service!

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What I'm hinting at is that - at least as customers - we all tend to have the same thoughts, concerns and questions. We thought we'd address some of the questions The Office Genie gets asked most frequently.

We're focussing on call handling because that's the service you use and need the most. It's also our speciality:

  • How do I actually use my call handling service?

    The short answer is you simply divert your phones to us. The slightly longer answer is that you use it however you want to; if you'd like to discuss a particular requirement or you'd just prefer to talk with a human being (or a Genie) give us a call on 01604 529170.

    We put in a lot of effort getting to know you and your business so we can provide a worthy call handling service. We want to be better than your voicemail, not just a replacement.

  • How do I divert my calls to The Office Genie?

    It can vary, but usually you just pick up the phone and put in your phone provider's divert code; BT is *21*. Most phone providers have more than one option. For instance, BT has other codes to divert all calls, only divert calls not answered within 15 seconds or only divert calls while engaged.

    If your call handling wishes are a bit fancier than that, we can help you set it up. You usually follow the divert code with the phone number to divert to. This could be another landline or a mobile, but for The Office Genie you'd use your 'magic number'.

  • What in the cave of wonders is a 'magic number'?

    It's just the number we create for you to divert your calls to us. The Office Genie provides this, so the calls for your business can be identified and we can respond to your customers in the manner you've instructed.

    You get as many magic numbers as you need; if you have more than one business, site or types of customers we can identify and handle them as you wish.

  • Does my phone provider need to get involved?

    They shouldn't need to, but it's probably a good idea to check.

  • Will I be charged for diverting my calls?

    Unfortunately, some phone providers do apply some charges for this, so you’ll need to check with them. We certainly won’t be charging you for that; we don’t have any hidden charges or secret extra costs.

  • I'm expecting an important call, how do I turn it off?

    As you've probably guessed, just pick up the phone and put the relevant code in. For BT, it's *21* to turn it on and #21# to turn it off again. You can turn our call handling on and off as many times a day as you want to. If you want to.

    If you'd prefer, just let us know who your VIP is; we'll give them the appropriate treatment. "Oh hello Mr/Mrs VIP. Mr/Mrs Professional Business Owner has been looking forward to your call. Please hold and I'll transfer you."

Generally speaking, those are the short answers. The long answer is that you use The Office Genie's call handling service however you wish.

  • Do you want The Office Genie just to take a message and send you a daily report of all calls or send you a text after every message?

  • Do you want The Office Genie to only answer calls when you or your staff can't?

  • Do you want The Office Genie to answer all calls and transfer callers who fulfil certain conditions?

  • Do you want an automated menu in which pressing 4 is the main reception and that's The Office Genie?

  • Do you want The Office Genie to announce they are handling your calls or to be an invisible extension to your team?

Those are just a few examples of service we already provide. The possibilities are as good as endless. And once you're all setup all you have to do is divert your calls to your magic number; it's that easy.

"There is more that unites us than that which divides us!"

However, we understand every individual business has its own needs. If you think we couldn't possibly provide the call handling your business needs and deserves, give us a call on 01604 529170 or ask us to contact you; we love surprising our clients.

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More about Adam Fox ...

The decade and a bit for which I've worked has been split equally between retail and offices; I worked as management in retail, and I was a junior project manager in an office. However, I struggled to find job satisfaction, so I attended University as a mature student and earned an English degree with first-class honours.

I joined The Office Genie in August 2016, which is a huge opportunity for me and I'm working hard to make the most of it. I'm finding that satisfaction I was looking for doing creative, challenging, engaging work I'm passionate about for a company I can really get involved with. From my experience at work and in my personal life, I've cultivated a well-developed and varied skillset which I'm keen to apply.

I've been lucky enough in my personal life to be exposed to lots of experiences with great people in a variety of settings. From Scouting to travel to computing and even to headlining a stage or two, most of the pastimes which I enjoy share the common elements of teamwork, learning, storytelling and analysis. I have a deep passion for art, puzzles, games, stories, language, communication and collaboration, which I love to share in great detail. On a completely unrelated note, I also love my very patient wife.


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