Call Handling For Your Customers

It's not just about you ...


The Office Genie has been offering call handling services for over 10 years now. Our clients know that what we do frees up their time and ensures that every call is answered professionally ...

Call handling is about giving your customers the confidence to do business with you!

Call handling is about giving your customers the confidence to do business with you!

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But have you thought about call handling for your customers and clients? You know, the people who buy from you and make your business an ongoing success? They have expectations, don't they?

"They expect the phone to be answered by someone who can help them!"

Why would they call you otherwise? If they always got an engaged tone or were sent to your voicemail over and over then they're going to think you don't want to work with them and they'll find one of your competitors who can help them.

The first step to providing a good customer experience is to always answer the phone within a few rings. The second step is giving the caller the confidence that they've reached the business they were after, and the third step is to answer their enquiry for them.

And The Office Genie can do all that for you. We give you a dedicated number to redirect your calls too (divert all your calls or just the ones when you're busy or otherwise engaged) and we'll answer it in your business name, including whatever greeting you want us too.

But we go far beyond other call handling services that just take a message and email you the details, we'll answer the caller's enquiry for you, update your CMS, send them further information by email or by post and even book a meeting with them for you!

We can do all this for you, and for your customers, because we have a team of dedicated, professional Genies who sprinkle some magic into the business world's of our wide range of clients every single day.

"You'd have to be crazy to dial a number if you didn't expect anybody to answer!"

If you'd like to give your customers great service, even when you can't answer the telephone yourself, then call The Office Genie on 01604 529170 and ask about our telephone call handling service.

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