Call Handling For Beauty Therapists

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Whether solo, mobile or salon based, a beauty therapist needs to give a client their total and undivided attention. But what happens when the phone is ringing in the background? It's distracting for both you and your client ...

As a beauty therapist, you'll know the worst time to answer the phone is when you're with a client!

As a beauty therapist, you'll know the worst time to answer the phone is when you're with a client!

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Do you answer it? Do you let it go to voicemail? Do you ignore it? If you chose the first option, then you're interrupting your time with you current client and they're going to feel a little put out, aren't they? After all, they are there to be pampered by you, not left alone while you book in someone else.

"And if you let it go to voicemail or just ignore it? Then you've potentially lost a booking!"

However you work, there are many times when you can't answer the phone, but you're torn because you know you've got the room in your diary for another beauty therapy session this afternoon and in these competitive times, the extra income would be nice, wouldn't it?

So what can you do? It's simple really ... let The Office Genie answer those calls for you. We can talk to the caller using your own business name, find out what treatments they want and even tell them how much it would cost.

"But here's the difference between The Office Genie and other call handling services: we can book the treatments for you too!"

Yes, that's right. Our Salon Genie service can synchronise with your diary, use the time slots in your day that you give us and book in the client with enough time to receive all the treatments they requested. If you're mobile, we can even account for travelling time from one client to another!

If you're still not totally convinced of the benefits of working with us, let me give you some numbers. If someone gets a £30 treatment every two months, losing them because you didn't answer the phone is costing you £180 a year! If you miss just one call a day that could result in lost business worth thousands each a year.

We estimate that for a beauty salon with 2 to 3 therapists, using our service to reduce the gaps in your diary could earn you up to £62,400 extra per year, and you won't need to pay for a full-time receptionist either.

Now, if you're a solo or mobile therapist, imagine how much easier your life would be if you worked with The Office Genie knowing that every call was answered and every booking made? How valuable would that be to your business? It would certainly make you stand out from your competition, wouldn't it?

"Remember: if a client can't book in, they can't pay you!"

So subscribe to The Salon Genie and let us sprinkle some magic into your business world. Call us on 01604 529170 or click here to send us an email enquiry and let's see how we can help you.

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