Call Handling: Do Missed Calls Mean Lost Business?

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Did you know that a potential customer will only call a company twice if they can't get through before turning to their competitors? If they answer the phone then you've lost the business. Our call handling service can solve that ...

How much did that missed call cost you? Our call handling service means you'll never miss another!

How much did that missed call cost you? Our call handling service means you'll never miss another!

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Research by BT Business has shown an even more shocking statistic. A fifth of those surveyed will only call once and the average cost of missing that call is around £1,200. That's a huge amount of lost business.

"Just because the caller couldn't
speak to someone!"

British SME's could be losing out on huge amounts of orders by not being available to answer a call. For the smallest of businesses, every call is vital, but if you're in a meeting or travelling around then letting the call go to voicemail is sometimes the only option.

Danny Longbottom, BT Business UK SME managing director, said:

''We already know from speaking to our customers that missed calls mean lost business. Companies, especially SMEs, are becoming increasingly mobile with 77% offer flexible working and 45% hot-desking, according to the research. Getting calls answered is potentially more difficult.''

The research, which looks at people’s attitudes to making and receiving calls, confirms the need for small business owners to think differently. And there is a really simple solution that ensures every call is answered when you aren't available ... a call handling service like ours.

The Office Genie takes care of our client's unanswered calls from around the United Kingdom. Whether it's a mobile number or a fixed-line service, we ensure that they never miss calls and therefore never miss business from potential new clients.

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If you'd like to hear more about our award-winning, five-star call handling service, do call us on 01604 529170 or click here to ping us an email and let's see how we can help you.

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