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Call Handling And True Love

Not just for Valentine's Day ...

Posted on: 13/02/2014   By: Jenny Eaton

I'm trying not to think about tomorrow, but consider how our clients show their love to their customers by using our call handling services. As it's Valentine's Day tomorrow lets see how the theme of love features ...

Choose our call handling service and you can show your customers some love all year round!

Choose our call handling service and you can show your customers some love all year round!

I'm sort of looking forward to tomorrow as there's a man on the edge of my life at the moment who might want to buy me a gift or send me a card to show me he cares for me. However, being over 35, I know we are seriously past the rush of love, showering of gifts and girly giggling over the cards. Fingers crossed, of course, that my Mum doesn't send me a card to make me feel better!

Anyway, back to call handling. Unless you are in retail, or providing a face to face service like hairdressing or beauty treatments, then the majority of your business is likely to be done over the phone or by email. When you are not face to face with your customer, it can be difficult to show them how you feel about them.

The key to making your customers feel special is usually the small things. After all, they are paying for your product/service and you are expected to deliver on that. It's the add-ons that make you stand out and make them feel special.

"As we mentioned last week, call handling (aka telephone answering) is the key to providing excellent customer service."

Your product or service is expected to complete your customers life in some way, fulfilling their dreams or solving a problem they have. But securing the place in their heart that makes them stick with your company through the years comes down to something else.

I remember being taught, back in my youth when I first entered Customer Service, that the relationship between the customer and the company was like a marriage. Both parties had to want to be in it and make it work in order for it to begin. But you have to remain true to each other and make them feel loved in order for it to last and that there was always an element of 'being there' whenever the other needed you!

It always reminds me of Elvis' lyrics "Love me tender, love me true, never let me go!" Call handling is so important in creating that atmosphere. From the first phone call when you begin wooing the customers, through to the discussions about the contract (getting wed!) and then follow up (just making sure that everything is running smoothly). Handling the calls from your customer efficiently is crucial to that lasting relationship.

I used to work for a company that had a charter, a series of promises they made to their clients. Stemming from promising to answer every phone call within 3 rings, through to promises to despatch all orders placed before 4pm to be delivered the following working day. And a no quibble returns policy. This charter set out to tell all employees (even those who were not customer facing) how they were to show their love to their customers.

The charter also set out rules for answering the phone, not just within 3 rings, but to state the subsidiary of the company you worked for and your name. They issued every desk with a message pad to ensure that the relevant information was always taken down and wasn't lost on a corner of the nearest piece of paper to hand.

Maybe that's why working for The Office Genie has always felt natural to me? My call handling skills were formed from such an early age (14 when I first worked for them!) It's little things like having your calls answered and messages passed through and responded to that makes a customer love working with a company.

So if you need help showing your love to your customers, not just on Valentine's day but every day of the year, call us on 01604 529170 and let's talk about how our call handling with The Office Genie can show your love to your clients.

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