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Call Handling And The Pink Panther

Let us help you see the light again!

Posted on: 14/11/2013   By: Jenny Eaton

When we were talking about the theme for this month, I requested the Pink Panther for my blog post. I loved the Pink Panther as a child and with parents that grew up watching the classic Peter Sellers movies I learned a lot about the history ...

Call handling with The Office Genie helps you to see the light again! Like the leaping panther in the diamond, we'll spring into action whenever your phone rings!

Call handling with The Office Genie helps you to see the light again! Like the leaping panther in the diamond, we'll spring into action whenever your phone rings!

Today as a Genie, I can see a lot of synergy with the Pink Panther. Now those that know The Office Genie well will know that our corporate colours are pink and purple, so obviously the colour is having an influence. I can hear you thinking, "that's all well and good Jenny, but how does the bright pink, cartoon cat fit in?"

In the original movies, the Pink Panther was a rare pink diamond. Diamonds, as you know, can cast beautiful colours when held in the sunlight and the Pink Panther diamond was so named because it had a flaw that looked as if a panther was leaping through the fissure when held up to the light in a certain way.

Ok, but how does this fit in with the Genies? Well, just like the panther which leaps in the diamond flaw, we leap into action to help small business owners that have seen the light! Many of our clients come to us after they have been in business for years, struggling with managing their time and being available to their clients whilst providing their product or service.

They find our service to be a lifeline, giving them freedom they have never had before. They spent days trying desperately to give their customers what they need, making new sales, keeping on top of the paperwork, answering the phone or returning answerphone messages. Their offices were often a black hole where enquiries and business opportunities were lost amid the mayhem.

Using our service, they now find they have more control. They can happily leave the office knowing that we will answer their calls, all business enquiries will be documented on email and they'll get end of day reports. They can also delegate some of the admin to us so that they don't have to worry about when they will get it done.

By streamlining their processes and freeing up some time, they find they can see the light and focus on moving the business forward rather than wading through where it was yesterday trying to find today!

We have had clients tell us they don't know how they managed without us. For some, it revitalises their business. By having someone answer the phone all day they find that their enquiry rate doubles and with the improved customer service that comes from having a manned telephone, customers are more likely to return.

"The Office Genie have ensured that I don't miss any new enquiries. It became evident that I was missing calls once I started using The Office Genie to answer my phone"

Caroline, Northampton

I know from personal experience too. Having previously been a customer of The Office Genie, I found that it is truly an invaluable service that enables business owners and managers to be more effective in their time management and therefore increase efficiency in the business as a whole.

It may sound like a great idea to find out more about how we can leap into action like a panther and fill the fissures in your business. Call us on +44 (0) 1604 529170 or click here to ping over an email. To find out about my own personal experiences of outsourcing then please feel free to ask for me, Genie Jenny, when you call in.

Until next time ...


More about Jenny Eaton ...


I love playing with words and I have dreamed of being a writer since I was a child. With a romantic idea of scribbling away in a cold attic room with my trusty fountain pen. I have always dabbled, but until now it’s not come to much.

When I started with The Office Genie it was to provide me with a part time income to support my writing. Over time though I have developed into the Marketing Genie on a full time basis. I love it, I get to play with words all day as I try to share the dream and the passion that Jacqui has turned into The Office Genie. My work involves blogging, letter writing, email writing, web copy writing, e-book writing, campaign planning, strategy planning, social media interactions – it’s like I write and talk all day every day, my parent would say it’s the ideal job for me!

My first blog posts were about my day to day life as a Genie but they are growing into sharing my view of the business world. I am passionate about helping small businesses be the best that they can be, standing out from their competition in the small things that come together to give an impression of great service – to find out how we can help you should call me on the number below.


+44 (0) 1604 529170


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