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Call Handling And Hair

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Posted on: 03/04/2014   By: Jenny Eaton

I know what you are thinking - what on earth has hair got to do with telephone call handling? I suspect it won't get any clearer if I say that I meant 'Hair', as in the show on BBC3. Have you been watching it?

Like many, my time in the salon chair is where I get to take a break. I hate being interrupted by an unanswered phone. Get someone to do your call handling!

Like many, my time in the salon chair is where I get to take a break. I hate being interrupted by an unanswered phone. Get someone to do your call handling!

I have. Admittedly, I have mostly been watching it to get a feel for the work some of our salon clients do, but it really has been an eye opening experience.

As someone with naturally curly hair (who has had some pretty awful cuts in her time), I do know that hair can be difficult. Let's face it, we've all had days when it won't lie flat! But I have to say, even I was stunned when they asked amateurs to cut hair - and those sectioning charts made me want to sit down with a cuppa and a KitKat!

I can't believe that for the final they brought in the contestants mums. Talk about pressure! I had my hair cut for mothers day and my stylist straightened it for me. I find going to the hair salon a real treat. My stylist greets me, makes me a coffee and tells me to relax.

She knows I go in there for a break; it's a chance to be pampered, have a natter and forget about the million things that need doing today. My half hour in the chair is my KitKat moment!

Nothing spoils that pampering like the phone ringing when there is no one else to answer it. I get seriously put out when something interrupts my time. I know, having spoken to a number of salon owners, that they just don't have the funds to employ a receptionist for the one or two calls that actually interrupt a cut or colour. They struggle to put themselves in their customers shoes and so don't recognise the benefit of a call handling service like ours!

"By answering your calls we save you from interrupting your clients pamper time!"

As a single mum, I don't often get pampered, so I do like to make the most of it! The other benefit to a salon's clients is that the person answering the call doesn't have a client sat with half a colour on! Our genies will be devoted to the caller spending as much time as is needed to book the best appointment slot for them. not rushing them off the phone like you'd have to if I was your client scowling at you in the mirror.

One of the first things that struck me in the very first episode of the TV show Hair, was how poor the haircuts were. There is a reason why we use qualified people for certain jobs - you get a better outcome from someone who knows what they are doing! Call handling is no different.

"When your business revolves around your appointment book, your call handling needs to be done by a diary management specialist!"

All of our call handling genies are highly trained receptionists and diary managers. Whether your business is location based like a salon with people coming to you, or service based where you go to the client, we book hundreds of appointments for our clients every day.

If you are worried your rushed call handling might be off-putting to some of your clients, both in the salon and on the phone, call us on 01604 529170 today and let us quote you for using our specialists every day, for far less than a full time receptionist!

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