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Call Answering: Love Is In The Air ...

Will it blossom into a beautiful relationship?

Posted on: 27/02/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

For so many businesses, call answering can be a crucial link in the chain. It is so important for building good relationships that work well for both parties. Lots of the advice that we have given over the years can be summed up as smile, be polite and focus on the caller ...

If you get the call answering right in the first instance then it sets your relationship with your supplier off on the right note!

If you get the call answering right in the first instance then it sets your relationship with your supplier off on the right note!

This week we are sharing the thoughts of the lovely Judith Halliday. She is a professional writer and she talks about how important it is to build a good relationship in order for things to run smoothly.

It's not exactly the stuff of Valentine's verse, but developing a form of friendly interaction with clients makes it easier for both sides to work well, understand the other's point of view and know what each other is looking for. It can also help smooth troubled waters on the (thankfully rare) occasions when we mess up and get things wrong.

For a writer, building up a good, trusting relationship with a client makes life so much easier. Whether it's a press release, blog or website, having a clear picture of the person you are writing for, their style and their approach, helps to put their message across in a way that sounds genuine and believable.

On the other hand - for a business - building a good relationship with a writer allows you to simply pick up the phone, give the briefest of briefs and then go about your daily business, knowing your work is in safe hands.

I've pretty much seen it all - from being sent six bullet points and asked to produce a 750-word trade magazine feature, to being sent a 15-page in-depth report with a note requesting a rewrite of around 300 words that sounds like it's all original copy.

They both got done successfully, but that's only because they were clients I knew and who trusted me, whose work I had become familiar with and written about many times in the past, and because I felt confident that I had enough background knowledge, in the first instance, and enough understanding of what the relevant points were in the second, to do a good job.

So, how do you go about building those relationships?

  • Be friendly and smile, even on the phone. No-one wants to deal with a misery guts and no-one wants to listen to how bad your day has been

  • Have a good memory - ask about something from your previous conversations - their new baby, their football team, their holiday

  • Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter to follow clients and potential clients, so that you are constantly aware of what they are up to

  • Be positive - yes, you can write 750 words from six bullet points because nothing is too much trouble

  • Deliver what you say you will. Building a good solid relationship doesn't mean you can take liberties and miss deadlines

But most of all, remember the boundaries and that it is a working relationship that has a personal element to it rather than a personal relationship.

And don't do what an advertising rep at my old newspaper in Derby did. Made the hard sell, agreed a price, sealed the deal, made arrangements to send contracts over and then, just as she was putting the phone down, completely forgot that she wasn't talking to her Mum, and said: "Love you loads ..."

As you can see much of what Judith said works for any business. We specialise in providing all our clients with the call answering service that best suits their clients. If you need a professional for a fast moving environment in order to cement the relationship that is what we offer. For those who work with the elderly the friendly patient listening approach works so much better and so our call answering adapts to meet their needs.

If you would like to be sure that your call answering works for your clients then call us on 01604 529170 and we can discuss the best approach to build strong lasting relationships with new clients.

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