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Business Owners: Now You Can Be In Two Places At Once!

How to 'clone yourself' and make more sales ...

Posted on: 30/04/2015   By: Jacqui Frost

Have you ever had the feeling that your business life would be so much easier if you could clone yourself? I know I have! As a business owner, you can always do more. It's why I accepted long ago that my to-do list would never be complete ...

Business Owners: Now You Can Be In Two Places At Once!

Unfortunately, cloning is out of the question. As such, if you're serious about feeling on top and getting more done, you must review the way you work. In short, if you're still doing everything yourself, STOP playing this risky game as you can't win.

"Instead, you MUST outsource!

You need to identify tasks that you don't want to do and hand over responsibility to someone else. This is the quickest (and most effective) way to buy more time and increase your output. Let me explain.

What should you outsource?

Many business owners feel a little twitchy when they consider handing work to someone else:

  1. Why get someone else to do a job I can do?

  2. Why inject additional cost into my business?

  3. Why waste time briefing someone else - it's quicker to do it myself!

I fully understand these concerns - I've grappled with them myself. But when you look closely, you'll find these fears are keeping you small. Here's why:

  • Concern one: But I can do it myself

    If you want a scalable business, you must put a team of trusted people around you. If you don't, you're going to burn out - FAST. And whilst it's true that you could handle all the outsourcing opportunities, do sense check whether you should be doing them in the first place.

    Here's a simple, but highly effective litmus test:

    • Can you earn more in the time that you'll save than you'll pay an outsourced partner for the work?

    • OR

    • Is the outsourcer more skilled than you? If so, will they get the job done quicker - or to a higher standard - so you get a better return?

    If you answered 'yes', to either of these, then what's stopping you? And if you want more convincing, here's the cherry on the top. As you let go of tasks, you'll create more time for the important, high-value jobs you currently neglect. Just imagine the impact on your business if this stuff actually got done.

  • Concern two: What about the additional cost?

    When you choose the right outsource partner, your costs become an investment in growing your business. I've already hinted that you have to look deeper than the direct costs involved with growing your team. In fact, you've already identified that it's more cost-effective for someone else to do the work and free up time.

    So instead of freaking out at the bill, consider the bigger picture. For example, if a Call Handling provider is expertly answering your calls - what impact will that have on your business? Imagine the freedom to work without distractions, knowing potential clients and existing customers are getting a first-class service if they ring.

    How much is that peace of mind and business continuity worth to you? What's more, how much more money could you make if you increase the amount of undisturbed time available to you?

  • Concern 3: Briefing someone else is a waste of my time

    Sure, there can be some initial pain when you first start working with an outsourcer. Unless you have processes already drawn up, you're going to have to share the stuff that's in your head. What's more, there are likely to be some teething problems as you get to know each other.

    But here's the thing ... while the first few 'transactions' may take a little longer, the right outsource partner will soon get up to speed. And if you choose well, it won't be long before they're doing a better job than you!

Outsource your Call Handling and be in two places at once

Once you successfully outsource and see how much more you can get done, I think you'll become hooked! A super easy way to start is to divert your inbound calls to a trusted Call Handling service.

"I promise it's liberating to be free from your phone!"

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So do yourself a favour. Stop doing tasks that don't require your input and focus on the jobs that get you closer to the bigger picture. You wont regret it!

Until next time ...



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