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POSTED BY ADAM FOX ON 24/11/2016 @ 8:00AM

Business, markets and economics are tricky. They're art more than science. And, as anybody who has tried to paint, draw or make a stupid clay pot that just wouldn't stop falling over, knows; art is hard ...

If you want to keep up then your business needs to evolve!

If you want to keep up then your business needs to evolve!

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It's too hard. Let's do something easier. Let's name important inventions or discoveries; tools, fire, language, farming, writing, printing, the telephone, electricity, computers etc.

"It's also not too hard to see that
progress is getting faster!"

Tool use is millions of years old. The use of fire is hotly debated (sorry), but it likely began less than one million years ago. Farming is about 20,000 years old.

Then, in just a few hundred years, we've gone from basically hand making everything to mass production so incredible that a toy company is the world's largest producer of tyres: LEGO produces 381 million tyres a year!

It took us millions of years to fly 37 meters in 1903; just 66 years later, we flew to the Moon and walked on it! Only 50 years later and comparing the building-sized computers Apollo 11 used to your personal, pocket-sized phone is as pointless as comparing voicemail to a team of receptionists.

People much smarter than me talk about the changes certain technologies bring. Apparently, there's evidence that some discoveries haven't just changed the way we live and work, they actually changed what we are. That is, they changed what it means to be human.

We should unpack that:

  • Farming didn't just change our diet; it changed the ways and whys of forming relationships.

  • Language didn't just lead to small talk; it literally changed the ways we are able to think.

  • Writing didn't just produce books and newspapers; it changed how we communicate and remember.

  • There's evidence that using computers is changing the way our brains process and store information.

It's a fascinating idea, exciting, exhilarating even; however, in business, change, progress and invention aren't always good things. But, as many people have said, you can't stop progress.

Blockbuster Video found that out when LoveFilm arrived at our doors with an elegant, convenient and affordable system. LoveFilm were swallowed by Amazon, but Netflix still outstripped Amazon in that department.

Even now, we might be seeing the collapse of big film as cinema attendance reaches record lows. Despite appearances presented by Marvel and the like, big cinema is struggling to adapt to changes in technology and their market.

Whatever your business, whether you're selling a product or a service, whether you've been in business for 20 years or 20 days, keeping on top of trends in your market and industry is crucial. It changes so you need to adapt.

"Actually, it's just like evolution!"

In nature, the animal's characteristics determine whether it survives or goes extinct in a particular environment. This is what's meant by 'survival of the fittest'. It doesn't mean the strongest always survives; it means the best fit for the environment survives. That might actually be the smallest, the slowest or the quietest.

Humans have a unique position in evolution; we can understand and, to a certain extent, purposefully adapt to our environment. That goes double for you and your business. You're in a unique position. You can research, analyse and understand your environment; however, you don't have to be limited by biology. You don't have to wait. You don't have to just hope that you survive.

You can choose to change, adapt and evolve your business in almost any way you want! But you do have to choose. 95% of businesses don't even make it past the first five years; that puts you on the endangered species list.

The Office Genie can help your business evolve before it goes extinct. Call us now on 01604 529170 or ask us to contact you.

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