Judith Halliday

Building A Firm Foundation For Your Business

Stand up on your own home ground ...

Posted on: 26/08/2013   By: Judith Halliday

A wise man builds his house on rock rather on slipping sands - or so the parable says. But what if slipping sands are the only thing at your disposal? Of course it's better to build on a firm foundation ...

Would you rather build your business on shifting sands or on solid bedrock?

Would you rather build your business on shifting sands or on solid bedrock?

In business, the most successful build steadily and gradually. If we're sensible we start small, we add to what we started with, and when we're ready, we move another step onward, and, if we're lucky, eventually end up where we need to be.

If that's the case, and you have a strong and steady company, you'll be keen to shout about it. Customers want to know that the person they're dealing with is reliable, based on something solid, and won't disappear overnight or let them down.

But hang on a minute, we all have to start somewhere.

When I talk to small companies and they tell me that they don't do any PR work, or send out press releases, or bother with Twitter etc because they're not big enough, I'm astonished.

The foundations may not be very deep yet, there may be an element of slipping sand somewhere under your feet, but the only way to add cement to what you're building on is to get your message out there.

Everyone has something to tell everyone else. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of potential customers out there who probably don't even know you exist. You've got a service they can use, a product that would help them, or an opinion that might change the way they think.

So stand up on your own home ground - whether it's subtly shifting under your feet, or rock solid, it doesn't matter - and shout as loud as you can. Those who hear you, and like what they hear, won't care where you're standing. And that way, you'll take another step towards that firmer, higher ground.

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