Birthdays Are The Milestones Of Your Business Success

Also there are presents ...


The Office Genie is celebrating eleven years as a successful, growing business. The sad truth is that the vast majority of companies simply don't survive that long. 95% don't trade for more than five years, so every year really is an achievement ...

We've found our business success by helping you towards yours!

We've found our business success by helping you towards yours!

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Of course, there are lots of elements to business success, but we've got a crucial one locked down; we're always available to our customers.

"Your business cannot grow without your customers and they want to see that you know that!"

The first and easiest step to showing them you care is always to be available. Social media, email and other modern innovations have changed the ways you can do that; however, customers still expect you to be available on the phone.

Surveys show that most often customers want to resolve issues over the phone and they report the highest satisfaction rates when they do.

We're lucky because our business is making sure your business is always available on the phone. We're always available to our own customers by default.

Anyway, reaching eleven years of service as a successful business got me thinking about birthdays. Birthdays are a bit odd. Mine are celebrated as an achievement, but I rarely had to do anything, in particular, to get there; I just wait and another birthday comes along, whether I like it or not.

Humans are also weird about age; on a personal level, we spend childhood wishing to grow up, about ten years ignoring our age and then the whole of adulthood wishing we were young again, yet we think of nearly everything else as improving with age in some way; wine, cheese, whiskey, certain cars, antiques, jeans, leather, art, whiskey, friendships, pickles, that one jumper you just can't throw away, Brad Pitt?

Of course, we can like things because they are fresh and new and exciting, but also like things because they are established and familiar and comforting. We're allowed to be contradictory. But sometimes those contradictions can be worrying. Why can Brad Pitt, wine and businesses just get better with age while women just get older?

We take information from the world and then we can choose the ways we look at things. We usually make those choices without realising it, but we can choose to make a choice once we are aware of it.

"In fact, if you want to grow your business, you need to make sure you are making choices!"

Customers and potential customers will call your business on the phone. Without thinking about it, the likely natural assumption will be that you can just answer the phone.

Every time the phone rings, you or your employees will have to choose to stop working to answer it or let it go to voicemail. You can't afford the interruption, so it goes to voicemail. We know a potential customer won't leave a message; they'll just call your competitor, so you lose the sale. An existing customer will feel you don't value them. Therefore, you need to accept the stress of answering the phone every time.

To do that, you'll need to stop working, but how many successful business people answer their own phone? So you employ someone just to take your calls. You'll need at least two people to respond to every call. Apart from all the costs and paperwork that goes with that, whenever the phone isn't ringing, they're wasted time and money. So you assign them some other responsibilities. When the phone rings, they'll have to stop what they are doing to answer it, and now we're back to the beginning of this paragraph!

When you choose to answer the phone yourself, you are choosing to be stressed and interrupted, to accept the financial loss, to make your business appears small scale and amateurish and miss calls from your customers and potential sales.

"Trust us, it's our birthday!"

We've been helping businesses grow and reach their next birthday for eleven years. We'd like to help you have something to celebrate too, so give us a call on 01604 529170 or ask us to contact you.

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