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How Do Small Salons Maintain Their Image?

Posted on: 18/03/2013   By: Jacqui Frost

The way you answer your phone is as important as combing your hair and polishing your shoes. It's all about the image that you present to your clients. And if you are a beauty, hair or nail salon then you know that image is everything - for you and your clients ...

make sure your clients get a truly platinum experience

make sure your clients get a truly platinum experience

First impressions are made within 7 seconds. 93% of a first impression is based on how we look and sound with the remainder being about what we actually say. It's important for every business to inspire confidence in their clients; you need to look and sound as if you can do the job they want from you.

I don't know about you, but I go to a salon for the experience. I go to pamper myself; it's proper "me" time, having someone's full attention for half an hour or more. I like to come out feeling "a million dollars".

You can't put a price on that feeling but if my haircut or beauty treatment is interrupted whilst the stylist/therapist goes to answer the phone, it's difficult to achieve. It's the worst experience in the world being left cold and exposed, wearing just a flimsy gown, half way through a wax whilst the therapist answers the telephone. Maybe it's just me and I'm always disappointed because I know the solution to the problem.

I like to use small local salons because as a small business owner I understand the difficulties of competing with larger brands. However for small companies, hiring a receptionist is not an option, which of course leaves the stylists or therapists answering the phone. Often by the time they have dried/cleaned their hands to answer the telephone the caller has given up and gone elsewhere. This is why I recommend they use our services.

Our Telephone Answering Service helps smaller salons provide a professional and personal service. With all our clients we like them to tell us what callers are likely to ask for and where possible we like to have the solutions. So with smaller salons we carry up-to-date prices, details of their latest offers and have access to their diary. This means we can book appointments without interrupting the customer's pampering whilst ensuring that the image presented by phone is as immaculate as the stylists themselves. Never again will you need to hurry a call because Mrs F's colour is only half rinsed off; making for a much better experience for both clients!

For mobile salons a Telephone Answering Service will just make everything smoother. It is hard to book an appointment whilst driving to your next appointment and stopping to do it legally can set you back for the whole day. You could offer to call them back but if their number hasn't come up on your phone you can't write it down. By diverting your calls you can avoid all these issues; your customers can be booked straight in without the necessity of playing "phone tag" and you can avoid being pulled over for not using your hands free!

It's about providing the whole package, from booking the appointment through to having the treatment; making every client believe they are special and your number one priority for that short space of time. For some beauty salons we even call ahead if they know they are running late so clients don't have to hang around. You see, for the ultimate customer service it's all in the little things you can't quite put your finger on but which just "make" the experience.

So to move your service up a level and provide your clients with a truly platinum service to make them feel really special every time, call us on +44 (0) 1604 529170 for our special Telephone Answering service and Diary Management service.

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