Are You Missing Vital Skills In Your Business?

Maybe it's time to outsource ...


Research suggests that employers are now looking for secretarial and support staff to have a much broader array of skills. Gone are the days when employers looked for secretarial staff that were able to keep the office organised, the administration up-to-date and the coffee hot ...

We all want to create a great business team, but do we need those vital skills all of the time?

We all want to create a great business team, but do we need those vital skills all of the time?

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Now, they want skilled staff with a varied background in personal assistant and executive assistant roles who are bilingual. Those are just the essential qualities.

"You should see the desired list!"

For both employers and employees, this means that recruiters are now focusing on a small portion of the secretarial market. For their reception-based roles, companies are now targeting mid-level professionals, and there certainly aren't enough of those to go around!

Not only secretarial roles though, many employers are looking to fill positions with candidates that can offer far more than what the job description requires. For example, a marketing candidate who can handle accounts. Or an engineer able to lend a hand in marketing.

Nowadays, having a vast range of skills can put you high above other applicants; however, it also means those roles are less and less focused, as many people find themselves working between departments.

It's inevitable that most businesses suffer from having skill gaps, but many employers are overcoming this by simply assigning tasks to members of staff who specialise in other areas. While this will often still create the desired result, it takes employees away from the job they are paid to do, which leaves gaps elsewhere. It's very rare that you will come across a company that has all skill and specialist areas covered, all of the time.

"That's where outsourcing comes in!"

Sometimes, you may require a particular skill set for a one-off project, so you won't want to recruit an expensive full-time staff member. Why not outsource the skills you need?

Or maybe you want a receptionist that is able to run your accounts too, but they'll be few and far between, so why not outsource your administration and your accounts to a company that can do both?

Outsourcing doesn't have to be scary. We're lucky enough to live in a time where most skills and the technology to work together seamlessly are available at our fingertips. It doesn't matter if marketing isn't your speciality, there are agencies that can do that. It doesn't matter if sales aren't your speciality, some companies can do that, too!

The best thing you can do for your business is to focus on what you're good at and get others to do all the things that they're good at. Some of those people will be in-house, contracted employees; others will be through the use of an ad hoc, flexible, outsourcing agency – that's how business is done these days.

So, if you're in the 37% of employers that fear we may be facing a shortage of highly qualified secretaries as we reach the end of 2016, why not get a head start and outsource some of your administrative tasks?

"Here at The Office Genie our team has a varied set of skills, so they can grant you any wish!"

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