Jacqui Frost

Are You Confident You Have The Midas Touch?

Or do you need experienced help?

Posted on: 25/09/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

One of the biggest downsides to being a small business owner is the fact that everything comes down to you. Don't get me wrong, it is an upside as well, but if you are the only person in the business, or the only entrepreneur in the business, then making decisions can be really difficult ...

Are You Confident You Have The Midas Touch?

Since starting The Office Genie I have found that having someone to bounce ideas off is crucial to success. Making hard decisions about strategy, pricing and finances on your own, particularly in the early days, can be really difficult.

"I think it's like King Midas. When offered whatever he wished for by the god Dionysus, he wished for everything he touched to turn to gold!"

I imagine it seemed like a great idea at the time, not unlike some of your own early business decisions! Dionysus, however, spotted a consequence that hadn't occurred to Midas and so asked him if he was sure. Midas was certain he knew what he wanted and stuck to his request.

He was thrilled when he could show off his ability to everyone. It wasn't long though when Midas realised that there was a significant downside. He couldn't touch those he loved or they became gold statues. He couldn't eat for the moment the food touched his lips it turned to gold.

Is anyone else thinking about the Skittles advert?

In business there are plenty of these moments - when you have a bright idea, but struggle to make it work, or once implemented it backfires on you in a big way. Working with The Office Genie you get the benefit of another viewpoint. We can play Dionysius to your Midas and help you think through the consequences.

We can also help you to overcome any issues, or help you pick yourself up after a plan has backfired spectacularly. The Office Genie has worked with hundreds of clients, supporting them in a variety of ways - and you can benefit from that experience. We can advise you what has worked, what hasn't and help you to see your way forward.

Every client of The Office Genie gets a free consultation before we even quote you for the work. During the consultation we talk about what help you are looking for, how you expect this to impact how you work and help you to identify the little changes that can have a big impact. We don't subscribe to a one size fits all.

We know how you can get the best out of using our services and we will make sure that you know them. There is nothing worse than outsourcing work to help make life easier, less stressful and to ensure things are done in a timely fashion only to find that it just doesn't work how you envisage it.

Dionysius helps to reverse the problem for Midas, telling him he should bathe himself and anything he turned to gold in the river to return to its previous state. The Office Genie can do that for you.

Sometimes it just takes a little tweak to the process to make things work the best that they can; we can help you make that tweak. Our weekly emails can help you with running your business but also making sure you use your Genie wishes wisely.

"We are here to give you time, balance and focus. You just have to make sure you make the most of it!"

To find out how The Office Genie can help you in your business, whether it's by handling your telephone calls or providing virtual assistant support call us on 01604 529170. We look forward to helping you make your gold without starving yourself in the process.

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