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Are There Skeletons In Your Office Closet?

What jobs don't you want to face?

Posted on: 17/10/2013   By: Jacqui Frost

Do you have something you are not facing, something that is holding you back? I have recently heard and read a couple of things about comfort zones and dwelling in the past that have made me think. Not just about me and my business but also about how we can help our clients ...

What skeletons are in your office closet? What jobs don't you want to face? Maybe the Office Genie can help you?

What skeletons are in your office closet? What jobs don't you want to face? Maybe the Office Genie can help you?

Do you have something that you know that you need to do but just can't face because it's a mammoth task? Do you find ways to sidestep beginning the task because you just dread it and worry that when you start it will be a much bigger task than you first thought?

I belong to a group that has a saying to get you past this (I'll give you the clean version) JUST DO IT! because 9 times out of 10 the only thing holding you back will be you.

The thing about a particular job (skeleton) in the office is that if you can ' just do it' you become quite free. There are business opportunities out there, you just have to be open to them. Sometimes it means changing the way that you do things or stepping out of your comfort zone to find them - but if you let your skeletons hold you back you will never find them.

All the marketeers out there keep banging on about being different, keeping in touch with customers past and present and with your prospect on a regular basis and using social media for marketing your business. These things are scary when you first start them, I know - it took me months to understand the value of twitter and then the enquiries started flowing and we have clients signed up that we first met online!

So what is holding you back? Do you need to collate all your email addresses into a format you could use? Do you need help starting with social media? Have you just got a backlog of information you keep because you know it will be useful but it's not in a useful format for today's digital age? Then ask for some help!

If you are struggling to find the time to get yourself set up on Social Media or get your email list sorted then give us a call about our call handling and diary management services. Our clients regularly tell us that using our service gives them uninterrupted time to get jobs done and booking in a time to return the call makes life so much easier.

Yes, hiring someone to do anything for you will cost money. If it is a job you know needs doing and you have been putting off and putting off then surely spending some money to get it done and move your business forward is an expense your accountant would approve of? If you don't know who to turn to - and wonder about where to begin - then why not ask for help with that too!

We belong to the Entrepreneur's Circle and it has challenged us over the last 12 months to move our business forward and work on getting our business marketed to the people who need us. In the process we have met and worked with a variety of experts who we can recommend to you.

If you are interested in the Entrepreneur's Circle or our call handling and diary management services then please give me a call on +44 (0) 1604 529170 to find out more. Or email us your address so we can send you a copy of our "Death by office work" leaflet featuring our wonderful skeleton.

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