Are Classic Gender Roles Finally Outdated?

It is the 21st Century after all ...


At The Office Genie, we answer the telephone for a wide range of businesses in different industries. Calls are usually answered by both female and male genies, but on occasion we get asked to use one specific gender only ...

So we have a female Doctor Who. Are classic gender roles finally outdated?

So we have a female Doctor Who. Are classic gender roles finally outdated?

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Can you guess when? Well, if someone is booking an intimate wax, they're going to feel more comfortable speaking to a female. Though we've never been asked for calls to only be answered by male genies.

"So there are times when classic gender roles are required!"

There's been a lot of talk about the gender pay gap since the BBC revealed their pay for top stars. It's caused a huge backlash against the corporation when it was revealed that female stars got paid a significantly smaller amount.

I won't offer a personal opinion except for thinking the same as most people: that there's something wrong with that, and for an organisation that promotes itself as a beacon of political correctness, it really does need to sort itself out. Especially for something which it’s basically compulsory for the public to fund!

In other parts of the entertainment media, Doctor Who has been turned upside down by the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, to be seen in the next Christmas special. Was it only a matter of time? Is this political correctness gone mad or is it a good thing?

Well, despite all of the hardcore fanbois crying and shouting that Doctor Who has to be a man, even earlier versions of the Doctor have stated quite clearly that there's no reason they can't regenerate into a female.

And if it's Ok for the Master to regenerate into Missy (everyone thought that was a splendid idea), why isn't it Ok for the Doctor to regenerate as female too? I do feel there are double standards at play here and I applaude the bravery of the writers for casting Jodie in the role.

We've even had talk of Jane Bond, but recently, Daniel Craig has confirmed he'll play 007 once more, although he did previously state that he'd rather slit his wrists than be bond again. I wonder how many zeros were on the cheque they offered him to change his mind?

"Things are changing for the positive in the business world though!"

Many of our clients are female and they work in a huge range of industries. Yes, we have personal care clients and a number of skincare/suppliement people on board, but we also work with female solicitors, accountants, photographers and even IT people.

We have female doctors, we have male nurses. I've been to networking groups where men are selling vitamin supplements and I've met female apprentices who are working in heavy industry. Women can fight on the frontlines and men can be hairdressers. We're even on our second female Prime Minister.

So in much of our society, the classic gender roles are gone, though there's still a lot of dissagreement as to how equal both genders are when it comes to pay and benefits as the BBC debacle has shown. But that's a conversation for all of us, isn't it?

Even though The Office Genie operates in a traditionally female environment, we will continue to answer the phones in the professional way we've always done, whether our genies are male or female. There may be times when a female or male genie is requested by a client, but by-in-large, we always offer a balanced approach to call handling.

What are your thoughts on gender equality? How about the classic gender roles? Are they defunct in the 21st Century?

Will Jodie Whittaker be a good Doctor? Should we have had a Jane Bond? Should BBC pay be more balanced or do you think all TV stars are overpaid in the first place?

I'd love to know your thoughts.

Until next time ...



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