Administrative Professionals' Day 2017

How do you celebrate it?


Did you know that it was Administrative Professionals' Day on 26th? It's the last Wednesday of April but it does move around a little depending on where you are in the world ...

Administrative Professionals' Day lets you celebrate the contribution of your admin team!

Administrative Professionals' Day lets you celebrate the contribution of your admin team!

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It all started in the United States following the boom in the economy post-war and the need for more people to train as secretaries to support growing businesses. The National Secretaries Association was formed to ecourage this influx and started to promote the day around the country.

"It's evolved somewhat over the years!"

As the workplace and individual rights have evolved, it went from National Secretaries Day to Administrative Professionals' Day due to the expanded role, new technologies and the wide range of job titles that go with those extra duties.

Although some critics accuse the flower, card, and chocolate industries of inventing the holiday for convenient sales between Easter and Mother's Day (in the USA), and others say that it is condescending and gender biased, it is a genuine opportunity to recognise the contribution administrative staff make to any successful business.

Many companies around the world hold events to recognise the contribution of their admin teams to ensure that everyone in the business knows that the work they do is very important.

Others encourage executives to send gifts to the admin people who work directly for them and recognise their contribution publically, throughout their whole office.

"Do you celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day?"

However you celebrate the occasion, it is important to remember that your entire team contributes to the success of your business and that admins play a vital role in supporting your core business activities.

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