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Action Adventure Call Handling: For Secret Agents Only!

Is your To-Do List a 'Mission: Impossible'?

Posted on: 05/06/2014   By: Jacqui Frost

Running a business while doing your own call handling can feel like you're starring in your very own action blockbuster. Caught between urgent tasks and a ringing telephone, you feel like agent-on-the-run Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) in the 1996 blockbuster 'Mission: Impossible' ...

Do you ever feel like Ethan Hunt on an impossible mission?

Do you ever feel like Ethan Hunt on an impossible mission?

The biggest problem with doing your own call handling is that the telephone always interrupts the tasks you are busy with. Even if it's just a wrong number, your concentration is broken and your train of thought is derailed. Far more valuable working time is lost than the amount of time actually taken up by the phone call.

Research has shown that after each telephone call it will take you 5 - 10 minutes to get back into what you were doing, if not more. So, if you field 6 telephone calls each working day, that's a whole hour vanished like the NCO List in "Mission: Impossible"! And what if you have 12 calls in a day, or 18? How are you ever going to tackle your To-Do List and attend to your core business with call handling holding you hostage like an enemy agent?

You know you need help with your call handling when:

  • You spend so much time finishing things that there's no time left over to enjoy with your family.

  • Your To-Do List gets longer rather than shorter each day.

  • Your daily schedule is hijacked by events and phone calls, making it impossible to clear your To-Do List.

  • You feel like Tom Cruise's character Ethan Hunt - a lone agent pitted against a force beyond your control, always on the run.

Do you ever feel like Ethan Hunt on an impossible mission? It happens to the best of us. Please feel free to share your call handling frustrations with us in the comments section below.

If you have watched 'Mission: Impossible', you will know that Ethan Hunt found a way out of his dilemma, and so can you. Outsourcing your call handling will allow you to focus on the parts of your business that bring in the money. You will have time for those vital tasks that have been losing the fight against the shrill of the telephone:

  • Marketing sales calls.

  • Preparing market pieces.

  • Launching new products and services.

  • Everything else that your constantly ringing telephone has been sabotaging.

The movie's tagline, "Expect the Impossible", applies equally well to The Office Genie. We will save you far more time and effort than a standard telephone answering and message taking service would. Using our call handling services is like having your very own secret agent (without the exploding chewing gum!).

Where possible, we like to reduce the number of call backs a client has to make. We answer your callers' frequently asked questions on your behalf, and make appointments for you in an online diary system. We will also reduce frustration by advising your clients of the best time to call you back.

If your To-Do List feels like a 'Mission: Impossible', we're standing by to assist you with your call handling. Get in touch on 01604 529170 and expect the impossible.

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