5 Ways To Show Your Customers You Appreciate Them

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For some, the 14th February is just another commercialised day that has very little meaning. For others it’s a way of showing their loved one just how much they mean to them ...

A little customer appreciation can go a long way this Valentine's day!

A little customer appreciation can go a long way this Valentine's day!

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Many would agree that showing appreciation for that someone special in your life should be done more than once a year; it should be done on a regular basis and that it doesn’t require extravagant gifts to do so.

"The same can be said of your relationship with your customers!"

It’s not enough to contact them once a year with an excessive money off coupon, they need to be wooed consistently with a number of small generosities that leaves you constantly 'top of mind'.

Just as in loving relationships, it’s the little things that mean the most. The comfort you find in them after a long day, the meal they cook for you because you’re feeling under the weather, or the gratefulness you have for them when they get up to do the school run and give you a lie in.

Now, I’m not suggesting you cook your customer’s dinner, hug them when they’re down or take their kids to school, but to most, offering your support when it’s needed means a hell of a lot more than a 10% off voucher!

So how can you show your gratitude and appreciation on a regular basis? Here are our sure-fire tips for staying top of mind and reducing the risk of getting ‘dumped’ by your customers:

  1. Solve Their Problems – if a customer comes to you with a problem, it’s your responsibility to fix it and in a timely manner too! Apologise for the mistake and get straight to work on fixing it. If they can see they’re your priority, they’re much more likely to remain loyal to you.

  2. Ask For Their Feedback – people love to be ahead of the game and most of your customers would feel honoured if they were invited to give their opinion on your upcoming product or service feature.

  3. Make Yourself Available – if a customer finds themselves in an unsure situation, then being available to help 24/7 really makes you stand out from the crowd. Using our 24/7 call handling service ensures that there’s a friendly voice on the other end of the phone no matter what.

  4. Support Their Business – if you’re B2B, then nothing quite gets the attention of your customers like sending them some business. Refer your customers wherever and whenever you can as it’s likely they’ll return the favour!

  5. Treat Them As An Individual – recognising what your customers have been doing and congratulating them for it adds a sense of personalisation to your service. Taking an active interest in their likes and dislikes allows you to carefully tailor your communications with them. We all love to be listened to, so show them that you listen!

Whilst Valentine’s Day offers the perfect excuse for a heartfelt offer or an unprompted gift, it shouldn’t stand alone. It needs to be the highlight of a very well thought out and thorough process.

You’d do it for your partner because without them your world would fall apart. Remember, without your customers, your business would fall apart too so take good care of them.

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