5 Ways To Ensure You Answer The Phone Professionally

Far better than a cursory hello ...


The telephone is still the preferred communication tool for most UK consumers, so it's critical to ensure that you and your team answer the phone in the most professional and helpful way possible ...

When you answer the phone always remember to smile!

When you answer the phone always remember to smile!

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How many times have you called a potential supplier only to be greeted by a moody, mumbling voice that immediately makes you wish you never called?

"It's happened to us all, hasn't it?"

It highlights the importance of answering the phone in the correct manner as a caller's experience of a company and any decision about whether or not to use them, is often based on that very first phone call, so make sure you are employing and training your staff to represent your business in the right way.

At the Office Genie, we spend our days answering phones on behalf of a number of different businesses. Some are very corporate, others more friendly and personal, so you need to decide how you want your business to be perceived.

But the most important part isn't deciding, it's implementing, so why not follow our 5 top tips to answer the phone professionally?

  1. Answer In Your Business Name

    There's nothing worse than ringing what you think is a professional business to be greeted with nothing more than a cursory hello. You're left confused as to whether you've rung a business line or misdialled and hit someone's mobile or home phone.

    Every business that we support has a different greeting line, some are only very slightly different where others are incredibly creative. Either way, all of our greetings include the business name. Not only does this reassure the caller that they have dialled the correct number, but is also allows them to ask their questions without hesitation – moving the call along quicker and more efficiently.

  2. Know Your Phonetic Alphabet

    Unfortunately, many of the letters in the English language sound the same over the telephone so we are often required to use the phonetic alphabet to correctly record postcodes or names. The phonetic alphabet helps eliminate any misspelt words or uncertainty about important information.

    Every one of our Genies has a copy of the phonetic alphabet within arm's reach at all times, although after working here a few days you've usually picked it up anyway!

  3. Repeat Back The Information

    There is nothing more important than correctly capturing the information the caller is giving you so it's a good idea to check back that what you've heard is correct. The caller's name and number specifically are the two most vital pieces of information to get right so repeat these back at all times.

    Another nifty trick is to use their name within the call because it shows the caller you have been listening and it's also a more crafty way of ensuring you've got their name correct!

  4. Smile Throughout The Call

    Yes it's cheesy and makes you look a tad unusual, but smiling during a phone call will automatically make you think, speak and act more positively. Your attitude will be brighter which will automatically transpire onto the caller.

  5. Speak Clearly

    Speaking clearly is a given. Having conversations with those who mumble means the conversation takes twice as long, not to mention it's remarkably frustrating! Enunciate every word and avoid using slang words such as 'mate', 'cheers' or 'yeah'.

Follow these steps and you'll be well on the way to setting the tone for a professional conversation, whenever you answer the phone, that will present your business in the right way.

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With over ten years of call handling experience, The Office Genie offers support to businesses that want someone to answer the phone professionally and efficiently. We can represent your business and act as a true extension of your team.


For more information contact Kelly or Carlie on 01604 529170.


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