5 Strategies To Make Your Own Luck This St. Patrick's Day

Forget the four-leaf clover ...


It's the day we all run around in green, jump around like leprechauns, have a pint (or three) of Guinness and wish for a stroke of luck, because we all know that a little luck in business can go a really long way ...

Apply our 5 strategies and make your own luck in business this St Patrick's Day!

Apply our 5 strategies and make your own luck in business this St Patrick's Day!

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A quote from Richard Branson's autobiography reads: "To be successful, you have to be out there; you have to hit the ground running. And if you have a good team around you - and more than a fair share of luck - you might make something happen".

Similarly, Guy Kawasaki, former marketing expert at Google and Apple, believes that only 10% of a good idea is hard work, the other 90% he believes, comes down to luck.

"So can we make our own luck in business?"

We certainly think so and whether you choose to wear green or not, we've got some great strategies that should see your business go from strength to strength:

  1. Be Prepared

    Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, so it really does pay to be prepared. Carry your business cards, information literature and always have a go-to pitch well rehearsed and ready to use. Ensure you always look presentable and professional because you never know where you may bump into a prospective client.

  2. Get Up & Get Out

    Networking is a great way to boost your chances of meeting a potential client. The more you put yourself out there, are sociable and meet new people, the higher the chance of you meeting someone that can benefit from your product or service. Be where opportunity has the opportunity to find you.

  3. Never Stop Learning

    Being an expert in your field is always going to give you a distinct advantage over others, so it pays to know as much as you can. In our ever-changing world, you need to keep on top of the latest industry news so that you can answer almost any question that is thrown at you. Expertise impresses and builds a level of credibility that will send people knocking at your door.

  4. The Follow Up

    Meeting people and getting your name out there is one thing, but not following up on genuine opportunities sees them slip right out of your hands. Being on top of who you need to call and what you need to say again presents you as an expert. It's amazing how many more opportunities you will turn into business if you just simply remember to pick up the phone or type a quick email.

  5. Be Easily Accessible

    Not you personally, but your company. Nobody likes to wait around for a response or an answer to their simple question, so make sure someone is always available to take their call or respond to their email. Being inaccessible is like having a 'closed' sign on your door, you're no use to anyone and in our 24/7 world people won't wait, they will just take their custom elsewhere.

Making your own luck requires work, work and more work, but following these simple steps can boost your success rate no end. Make the most of any opportunity that is put in front of you and represent your business the best way you can.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Until next time ...



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