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4 Top Tips From Tom And Jerry

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Posted on: 04/11/2013   By: Jon Baker

Who can forget the cat getting sawed in half (and then recovering) by a mouse that always escapes the unending stream of ''interesting'' attempts to catch him? How about the mouse being flattened, and then jumping up and carrying on?

Tom and Jerry made me realise they can help business owners with their business development!

Tom and Jerry made me realise they can help business owners with their business development!

Tom and Jerry is a classic cartoon generating lots of emotion. Some say it's far too violent (among other things) and some say it's the only cartoon they'll watch. What do you think about Tom and Jerry?

What do I know about Tom and Jerry? I used to love it as a child, and gather that some still do today, how about you?

  1. Tom & Jerry is watchable by all ages and languages (as it's 95% visual and only 5% verbal).

  2. Neither Tom, nor Jerry, ever seem to give up. They can be chopped, sawn or flattened but they still keep on trying.

  3. The violence in Tom and Jerry puts some people off, even though others think it's funny.

  4. No matter how many crazy, new fangled ideas Tom tries it seems he never succeeds. Haven't you ever asked yourself if he'd be better off by being more methodical?

But did you read this article in order to reminisce, or to develop your firm? Thinking about Tom and Jerry made me realise they can help business owners with their business development!

  1. Be systematic, not zany jumping around with ideas. I am lucky enough to work with many business owners and help them to improve their firms. One of the biggest things I see going wrong is always changing tack, hoping that random things and random acts of marketing will be successful. It won't! Tom would be far more likely to catch Jerry if he worked consistently, to a plan - so will you! What is your tactical marketing plan and how do you monitor your results?

  2. Be careful with who you're appealing to. Unlike Tom and Jerry your business development works best if it is targeted at specific people who are more likely to want what you offer. If you think that's called creating a niche, you could be right. Click here to download a free guide to building your niche (email address required). If your marketing message isn't cutting anybody out (and many business owners worry about that), it quite probably isn't interesting to anybody either.

  3. Think about your communications. Saying the right things is only a small part of the message. Think about your body language, why is it that so many people understand Tom and Jerry when they don't even speak? When you're talking to potential or existing clients, don't forget they don't only listen to your words. Your attitude, dress and body language need to be congruent.

  4. Do the right deals, make deals carefully: There is a world of difference between doing deals and doing the right deals. Concentrating on the right clients, being more choosy often seem to mean they'll be better to work with and you'll make more profits. Just think about poor old Tom, always trying anything to catch Jerry - but if he concentrated on the right tactic?

  5. Keep going, don't give up! Well it works for Tom and Jerry. One definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So perhaps rather than keep going, it's about refining how you work and monitoring the results.

OK, as the great cartoons used to say: "That's all folks"

What advice would you give somebody if they asked for business development tips from Tom and Jerry?

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