3 Top Tips For Making The World Of Outsourcing Not So Scary

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Business owners often get a fright when someone suggests they consider outsourcing operations within their business. For some, that's due to being haunted by the horror of a previous experience that didn't go so well, for others it's merely the fear of losing control over an important part of their business ...

When outsourcing with The Office Genie, we promise not to scare you!

When outsourcing with The Office Genie, we promise not to scare you!

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However, the right outsourcing service will ensure you feel confident, informed and in complete control. So how do you go about finding the right outsourcing service for you?

If you decide to outsource your call handling, you need to be certain that you partner with the right call handling service as often, a phone call is a potential customer's first point of contact with your business.

So how can you make sure that your call handling service will present your business how you'd like and not scare your potential customers away?

"Ultimately, it comes down to how your business is run and what it is that you do!"

For some, a large call centre environment where calls are cut short and kept to a minimum might be the right place for you. But for others, a small, more personal service that gets to know your business inside and out might be more appropriate.

Whichever you choose, there are three main reasons we have found that can make or break an outsourcing relationship:

  1. Expectations

    You must ensure that your expectations match those of the business you've chosen to outsource to. Expectations regarding time frame, delivery, accuracy and overall success must be realistic and regularly monitored to ensure you are happy with the performance of your chosen call handling service.

    A good call handling company will provide you with end of day reports so that you are able to monitor and assess their work easily and conveniently.

  2. Communication

    Just as good communication is vital for ordinary working relationships, it's exactly the same with outsourcing. The business owner needs to make sure they inform the call handling service of any changes to prices, procedures or FAQ's.

    But most importantly, they must inform them of their whereabouts. Just as you would let your receptionist know where you are at all times, your outsourcing service needs to know too.

  3. Control

    The scariest thing for a business owner is relinquishing control to someone else, but whilst they will always have control over the goings on in their business, they need to trust the outsourcing service to get the work done as they have asked.

    Outsourcing your phones to a call handling service is no different than delegating tasks to your employees and you need to treat them the same.

Just as you do when hiring new employees, you need to gather information about a range of different call handling companies and make an informed decision when choosing. Many call handling businesses will allow you to visit their premises to see how it is run and how your calls will be answered. This is a great way to see if their operations align with yours and if you could see yourself working with them!

My one piece of advice would be to go with your gut instinct. And if you do end up having a horrible outsourcing experience, don't give up on it all together. All outsourcing companies are different; some are better than others.

"Letting one bad experience stop you from growing and improving your business is never a smart choice!"

We recognise how difficult it can be to source the right call handling service for your business, and we understand the fears and anxieties you may have. So for more information on call handling with The Office Genie, please get in touch with Genie Danielle on 01604 529170 who can give you more information about our call handling and admin support services.

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